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A guide to Comparing web design prices in Ireland.

Web design prices are obviously central to your decision making when considering a website. But how much should you pay? are there big differences on pricing between each web design company? and what type of pricing method is best?

In this post we address what you can expect to pay for a website in Ireland for 2021. Key factors determine the pricing range you will be quoted for. Factors such as website type and size, the type of developer whether it's a freelancer, small studio or full web design agency. Location can play a role on web design prices with developers outside of Dublin and major Irish cities typically being more competitive.

There are also insights on the pros and cons of paying by a fixed fee, hourly rate or going for a website design package. By the end of this post we aim to provide a concise and accurate appraisal of the various web design prices on the market.

Firesky team

Firesky Team

July 18th 2018

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Pricing expectations listed below for the four popular main types of website and based on our analysis across the Irish market on pricing and setting out the average costs for web design prices. Pricing is based on the three service provider profiles, freelancer, small web design studio and digital agency.

  1. Basic website
  2. Small business website
  3. Website with bolt on commerce
  4. Dedicated ecommerce website
  • 5 to 10 pages
  • CMS editor
  • SEO tools
  • Speed optimised
  • Basic keyword optimisation


  1. Freelancer Price: €800
  2. Small Web Design Studio Price : €1200
  3. Agency Price: €1800
  • 10 to 15 page website
  • SEO tools
  • Advanced content optimisation
  • Cloud hosting
  • Speed optimised
  • Brand identity


  1. Freelancer Price: €1400
  2. Small Web Design Studio Price : €1800
  3. Agency Price: €2800
  • 10 to 15 page website
  • SEO tools
  • Advanced content optimisation
  • Cloud hosting
  • Speed optimised
  • Ecommerce bolt on and configuration


  1. Freelancer Price: €1600
  2. Small Web Design Studio Price : €2000
  3. Agency Price: €3000
  • 10 to 15 page website
  • App integration
  • Omni sales channels
  • Branding
  • 30 – 50 products
  • Categories
  • Store front design
  • Conversion features


  1. Freelancer Price: €2300 – €3000
  2. Small Web Design Studio Price : €3000 – €4000
  3. Agency Price: €5000 – €10,000

The above established average cost of a website in the Irish market is based on a cross section of website providers and taking the core aspects common to each website platform. 

However it’s important to realise that tied in with pricing is value. What you get for your spend and how this value is delivered can ultimately determine the success of failure of your website.

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'How long is a piece of string.'

Having established and provided an insight into the average cost of a website in Ireland means you as a business owner can have a base from which to work off of in terms of budget. Typically the bulk of the initial web design fees are in the initial building the website platform, design and core essentials.

With these insights you now have a frame of reference to work off of. This means any specific addons your website may require can be accounted for separately. Giving you clear a guideline on overall spend means you can assess the value of each additional addon and even compare separately outside of the base pricing setup.


Another factor that determines web design prices is who builds your website. The profile of the typical service provider in Ireland is listed here below.  Categorised into the five sectors providing website design.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each sector in brief.

  1. Web design studio
  2. Full digital agency
  3. Freelancer
  4. Directory page providers
  5. Printing companies

A web design studio can be the all round choice for small businesses who wish to have an ecommerce store or website built. Pricing is all round competitive and professionalism is almost always assured. With full digital agencies you may get the same level of service but expect higher pricing to fit in with the brand perception of more expense equals better. Typically agencies need to transfer staff and overhead costs on. Freelancers can be hit and miss while there are some exceptions out there generally poor design and improper build will cause your website to remain static and fail. Some directories have added web design service to take advantage of their client listing base. The disadvantage of having a website in a directory is that it shows up with other similar businesses. Typically the design and build is of a low standard and pricing is extremely high particularly for sub standard web design. Printing companies have added web design services to their print and graphic design services. In most cases the cost is high and the technical expertise can be limited.


If you have decided that going with a web design company is your best option, what pricing structure can you expect?

You can be charged per page, per hour or a fixed fee on the overall project. The structure can vary with each web design company. Whatever way you are quoted will be reflective of what is involved in developing your website. If you know specifically the number of pages and features on your site then a price per page can be the way to go.

On the other hand, a fixed fee for the overall website build can ensure that the web design studio doing the project will have the flexibility to put the time into creating you the best website design for your investment.

There are of course web design packages and this can be a good route to take, however always look at a web design portfolio of work to access the quality. 

Assigning prices for each specific task in your project works well for both parties. The web design company will present you with an itemised quote, with each service and task in the project clearly outlined and broken down. Obviously, this method is going to be transparent and can make both sides comfortable in terms of pricing and fairness.

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A web design package can be the best option for you when you just require a fast track solution to getting your site built. Simply choose the listed options and buy. With a website package, it’s relatively straight forward. It saves you on the time you would otherwise need to spend sifting through the many web design pricing models out there. There are times when you just need to get the job done and move on to other matters.

You may realise what you need initially for your website and spend, however, at the same time being cognizant of the fact that you will need other features and functions down the road.  Knowing that your site is future proof makes it easier to go with this pricing model.

Future proof means that your site will perform long term and that you will have the ability to bolt on anything you need without too much cost. One of the best web design platforms is WordPress to ensure a future proof setup. Practically any feature you can think of can be integrated.

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With many do-it-yourself website builders you could be enticed into going this route and they do appear cost effective, at least it seems initially. But is the time put into this versus the time you could be running your business really worth the trade off?

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While doing it yourself website builders can look cost effective you will definitely need to put in the time to learn the ropes and strive to build a website that will bring results.

Even at this, there is the design aspect, will your input be good enough to create a compelling website?

 There are many factors that go into website design in order to deliver your business the results you require. 

Without going into every aspect here are some of the areas you need to think about.

User navigation, display on mobile, the unique branding your business represents, on page optimisation, speed and performance, minimising requests and site compression for performance, so these are just some of the many aspects that you will get involved in.

If however, you can overcome the many aspects of building your website the cost can be low initially.

Though you will trade off your time in the process which will eat into your costs in the end.

One thing to note is that if you need to get a professional on board in the future most likely they will recommend a new fresh start on another platform as 99% of web developers do not typically work on DIY website builders themselves.

Quality versus price can be subjective, however, here are some essential guidelines on pricing versus quality. If you need your site to perform in the search engines then speed and loading times are going to be a factor.

Speed of access on mobile where bandwidth can be limited than a fast loading website is a must. So price your web design company for speed tasks and proof of results.

Another aspect of a quality website is how your content is delivered, so design, layout and content engagement should be part of the pricing. The more time spent on your site and engagement clicks, by users, is a good signal to Google that your site content has a high value. This, in turn, leads to long term good ranking and website traffic. How does one price for engagement? Well, you don’t! it’s in the standard of the web page design, so a good web design company will have perfected the art of creating engaging deliverables over time just through good design principles.

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