Understanding Website Maintenance Costs Ireland

You don’t have to break the bank just to go online! Monthly website subscription costs in Ireland can be pricey, but many small businesses are unaware there are free hosting options available. Make sure you assess your needs carefully before signing a contract so you know what monthly fees apply and how long they’ll last – it’s worth taking more time upfront for bigger savings down the line.

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Four major types of website maintenance costs

It is important to consider the type of website maintenance plan you require as this will help with determining what monthly costs are involved as well as how long your contract should be. For example, if your site requires a large amount of maintenance because it is frequently updated, then you may be better off with a weekly plan. 

However, if you prefer to pay for your hosting every month (which usually works out cheaper) and require less maintenance work required, then you could go for a monthly package. 

That said there are four website maintenance cost types:

1. Basic maintenance only.

2. Hosting & website maintenance.

3. Maintenance with marketing tools, SEO.

4. Full website management (includes revamping design & editing.

 Pricing depends on what package the website maintenance falls into.

Basic website maintenance Cost

A website manager can perform a number of basic tasks on a website, such as performing updates, checking website performance, searching for website glitches or website errors, preventing website downtime and website failure. Most of these services are affordable, starting at around €10 an hour.

Hosting & website maintenance Costs Together

The second cost type is where hosting is managed along with the website. The website maintenance costs associated with paid hosting plans can vary drastically, but they generally start from around €3.50 per month and go up to over €200 depending on the level of support, features included, and length of contract required. 

The question that does arise when assessing costs is what is the best type of hosting for your website alongside of getting it managed. Shared hosting is the cheapest while cloud-based hosting is better all-around though more expensive. 

With managing a website and hosting costs for a backup factor in. A website manager can run website backups to save website owners from emergency website situations. If a website fails, the website owner could lose all website data, which is why it’s important to have website backup copies of your website data that you can use in case of an emergency.

Website Maintenance Pricing with marketing tools, SEO

Costs with this type of maintenance package can vary from €40 per week to €600 a month, it really is dependent on how much time and energy is applied. Costs associated with this type of maintenance plan will depend on the amount of SEO work involved, the number of keywords and other factors. 

A website maintenance company will flesh out the exact areas you wish to improve and then advise on costs. Suffice to say costs do vary as well from company to company.

Generally, you’ll also get assistance with search engine optimization (SEO) with website management services. The website manager will be able to handle website SEO and website copywriting, which is important for making sure visitors can find your website with ease. 

They’ll also provide website owners with analytics to determine the most popular web pages on a website and what they’re doing right compared to other pages that might not be as successful. 

There are packages for this type of maintenance that generally work holistically on the overall website seo

Cost For Full website management

With full website management a lot of work goes into making sure that your site looks good, and also that it gets ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a result the cost of this is the higher of the four. Typically regular work nearly on a daily basis accounted for over a weekly period. Costs can vary depending on the website manager or agency rates. A typical rate would be between €65 and €100 euro a week. 

Some of the main things you can expect from a professional web agency to put into place for your business are as follows:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this ensures that your site ranks well in all major search engines

– Web Analytics – this gives your web agency insight into what sort of content people are looking for, and also how they use the site. This helps them focus on the right things to get you traffic not just today, but tomorrow as well.

– Content marketing – this ensures that all the pages on your website have unique, fresh content, making them attractive to visitors.

– Conversion rate optimization – the best thing you can do on your website is get people to contact you or complete a purchase. This is what this service helps with.

– Web design and branding – we’re not looking for sites that look like everybody else’s site; we’re looking for creative, aesthetically pleasing designs that connect with your customers.

– Email marketing – if you have a business then you probably already use email marketing to promote it. A professional web agency will ensure that this is done right, and also make sure that they do not send out emails to people who haven’t opted in to receive them.