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Ecommerce Websites Designed Using WordPress
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What is a Business Website?

A business website encompasses a useful range of features specifically aimed for small businesses. High on value while being affordable a business website provides all the essentials to create an effective online presence.

When searching for business websites the intent here is to find a complete solution that maybe there already and that just needs to be tailored to a companies business model.

By definition, business websites provide a richer scope on features. Features such as, rankability, scalability, being future proof, adaptive on multiple platforms and providing a platform in which to base a successful business online off of.

High performing website with all the necessary functions and features to take your business into growth. All our business websites are underpinned by the excellent WordPress platform., with a superfast framework.

Each website comes with multiple marketing tools to drive traffic to the site. Benefit from built-in marketing features that we use.

Think of us as your smart partner. You get support 24/7 just reach out anytime you need. We provide Next Generation web hosting. Top of the range security and hosting with our accredited partners.

Web Design Agency

Credibility & Design

Perceived credibility is incredibly important for your online business.

This is why we are the number 1 choice when it comes to page design and brand identity. We apply a design methodology that will propel your business and help to generate a more successful online presence.

Now and in the future your business website will maintain the same design consistency from the time we launch your new website.

We include all the design aspects of your business website in a ready to re-use format.

This means adding a new page is just a one-click process. You can get the same page design consistency that we have created for you by selecting any of the saved sections from the original website design.

You can recreate new content going forward and with all the design professionalism applied. All from within your dashboard.

More on our web design process

Intuitive Editing

Empowering business owners with intuitive website editing tools.

Intuitive editing with a minimum learning curve. Save time and resources by easily delegating website editing to a staff member without any learning curve.

Drag & drop images, elements and text blocks into your pages and much more.

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Built in search engine optimisation tools to help optimise your website pages.

Get feed back on visitor usage and stats right from within the dashboard.

We can connect up your Google Analytics account so that you get all the visitor feedback and insights rignt from within your admin dashboard.

Take the guess work out of who and where your visitors are coming from. Every website comes with a free suite of Analytics and SEO tools right from within the website dashboard. Its never been easier to track and increase visitor stats.

  • Track & Increase Visitor Stats
  • Stats from last 30 days
  • Keywords & social media stats
  • New versus returning visitor stats
  • Top referring pages


Built in search engine optimisation tools to help optimise your website pages.

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Speed Optimised
  • Builtin Marketing Tools
  • Re-Usable Sections
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Visuals
  • Ecommerce Compatible
  • Extensive Functions Library
  • Intuitive Editing
  • MailChimp Setup
  • *Business email setup
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Business Website Development

Your site is your business online and so it's crucial to be able to get your message across without any user frustration, especially on mobile devices. That's why we focus on getting your site loading fast, displaying and giving your customers the best user experience on smart phone and tablet.

We factor your business model into the web design process. That’s what makes us different. We have a business background as well as all the development skills necessary to quickly understand, develop and set your website goals.

You get pixel perfect design and underpinned by one of the best frameworks available. Why is this good? Well, you need to be confident that the frontend end of your website delivers on design and great usability while the back end is high performing, superfast, and clean coded.

Read more on our approach to website design. https://fireskystudios.com/approach-to-building-a-website/

Developed for performance. Accelerate your business like never before with the latest plugins, essential in helping you to come out on top. All business websites come with speed optimisation. Plus you get built-in optimisation tools to help target your keywords more effectively and get ahead of your competitors.

As a result, you get a winning combination that your customers and search engines love.

Full Range Of Services


A range of services business owners can tap into.

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Answers to queries on business websites.

You can certainly get a lot of revisions to your website with no extra charge. This means before launch you can have multiple revisions so that you get the website layout and design you want. Our aim when we take on a project is to get the best for you. Unlike other companies who may charge for extra revisions and design tweaks we don’t. We accept that you need the confidence to know that there is flexibility when you need something revised without incurring additional fees.

Below are a list of business types that would get a business website developed by us.

  • Entrepreneurs & Individuals
  • Accountants
  • Hotels
  • Crafts persons
  • Fashion & boutiques
  • Product makers
  • Service sector
  • Hospitality sector
  • Construction
  • Architects
  • Small online shops
  • Car dealers
  • Recruitment sector
  • Fitness industry
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Estate Agents

You can sell online easily with a business website we deliver to you. Its eCommerce compatible and provides several payment gateway options that you can use.
If you have a major focus on selling online and need a dedicated online store then we have a solution for this. We can build you a full eCommerce store based on the Shopify platform.

More insights here on this – Get to know Shopify.

Feature rich websites to take your business to the next level.

Built in website performance. 26 key areas optimised to deliver real results.

When performance is coupled with an effective design you have two key aspects to drive your business success online.

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A high-performance website makes all the difference to your online results. Just in the same way, as a super car’s engine will deliver on performance, the same applies to a website with a good engine (framework). It’s what’s in the backend of a website that sets your business up for optimal results.

Gain a future proof business website with the ability to add on almost any function and feature you may need down the road.

  • Responsive on all devices
  • Intuitive visual editor
  • Built-in Analytics tools
  • Ecommerce compatible
  • Any industry type
  • Support 24/7
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A high performance website makes all the difference to your online results. Just in the same way, as a super car’s engine will deliver on performance, the same applies to a website with a good engine (framework). It’s what’s in the backend of a website that sets your business up for optimal results.

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Looking For A Dedicated Online Shop?

We can develop and design the online store you want using Shopify.

Get to know Shopify and why we can’t say enough about this platform.


Business websites that respond beautifully on multiple devices.

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