‘We seek to understand your business model, goals and then create’

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Our Approach To Building A Website

A detailed summary of our approach to building a website. One of the first aspects to look at for a project is choosing the type of Content Management Platform on which to build the website on.

Shopify & WordPress

We use both WordPress and Shopify as the platforms for building websites and online shops. In terms of general website development WordPress is the platform of choice we use.

Here we outline why this is such a great platform and what benefits this brings in for the client.

For Ecommerce we recommend Shopify for any aspect of selling over WordPress. Read more here on why this is an amazing platform for selling online.

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WordPress Website Design

WordPress is by far the most popular platform in use today. Its ease of use for the client and future proof aspect makes this the perfect cms platform.

From a web development perspective, we cannot say enough about this platform. All most any application and function can be achieved. Hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide build applications specifically for this platform.

Readily available in the plugins library both free and premium plugins provide a solution for any function your business may need.content acquisition.

‘Websites that perform optimally for your business’

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Technologies we use in our website build deliver performance and design flexibility. There are a four additional technologies we use in the website build. These are Astra, RankMath, Elementor Pro and WP-Rocket Pro.

Astra is a super fast and lightweight framework that produces great results in terms of performance and design capabilities when used with Elementor.

Elementor is a visual editor that offers flexibility and design control on laptop, tablet and smartphone. 

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Plugins we use

For performance, we use Wp-Rocket to optimise the website for site speed and fast loading times. On-page optimisation is handled using Rank Math which is a successor to the popular Yoast plugin.

With Rank Math, both Schema Pro and Yoast can be integrated when both applications may already be present on a website.

There are twenty-six key areas we look when optimising for performance. Some of the primary factors are website compression, minified CSS and javascript, font resource, deferred loading, image optimisation.

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Responsive Web Design

There is a science to delivering engaging content on a small screen.

Cognisant of the fact that more users access the internet via smartphone we adopt a mobile-first approach.

While the website is created on a widescreen format the ultimate focus is in how the layout design displays on a smartphone.

As the global elements and specific pages get developed the mobile version in the creation process closely follows.

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Adaptive Layouts

Consistent design and display

During the design phase, we actively go between three screen size layouts ( laptop, tablet and smartphone ). The mobile version has to adhere to a consistent design and display from the widescreen version.

On top of this, the mobile version has to be equally effective in terms of usability and engagement.

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When Migrating A Website

A detailed summary of our approach to building a website. One of the first aspects to look at for a project is choosing the type of Content Management Platform on which to build the website on.


The first step when an existing website has to be migrated over to a new hosting setup is to preserve the cached URLs. This ensures that any SEO value is kept.

Digital marketing studio

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Migration Case Examples

Typically a backup of the existing database is done along with a frontend copy of the site. Content, imagery and other data get stored as a reference for the new project. See case study

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Input Beyond The Brief

We can be proactive beyond the initial brief if we think some additional pages or aspects would add immediate value to the project.


Typically we can make suggestions if we think new page content would contribute effectively in line with the project scope.

The suggestions we can offer are part of our service and it is then up to the client on whether to take on any suggestions.

Ongoing Support

Beyond the build of the website, we can play a role in providing ongoing support. We can also go as your smart partner should you choose to uptake on a website management package or e-commerce management setup.

‘ While the client can access their own data we can help in taking steps for the client to effectively assimilate the information.’

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As with any project feedback and how users interact with a website provides valuable insights.


Google Analytics plays a pivotal role in how your website evolves. So at the outset, we implement a script or tracking ID on the website with data coming back within 24 hours.

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Asseccibility to the user data can be either accessed from right within the admin panel with the use of an established plugin or directly from a Google Analytics account.

While the client can access their own data we can help in taking steps for the client to effectively assimilate the information. Furthermore, we can provide insights based on the feedback coming into on how to improve the results.

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Website Security

In terms of website security we use SSL certification for secure encrypted transactions.

Secure SLL

SSL security installed and integrated into the website means secure transactions. Data flowing from one server to another gets encrypted making it impossible for third parties to intercept.

Furthermore, this ensures that browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari render the website without any unsafe warning signs being displayed to the user.


Additionally, we provide ongoing management to keep the website up to date with the latest technologies thus minimising any potential vulnerabilities due to out of date plugins.

Along with side security we provide a scheduled back up service of the databases and website files. So in the unlikely event, there was a security breach there would be a clean backup to reinstall.

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Branding & Design

Brand identity is created in line with the business core values, and proven design strategies.


Visuals, colours and page elements all play a part in the perceived brand. These days with everyone being so visual we realise that this must play a significant role in the website creation process. We use our skills in this area of visual communications to deliver a compelling brand identity.


Design is one of our strengths. You gain design expertise when you hire us to create your website pages.

The design of your site should exude credibility in the mind of the user, something we are adept at doing. We have learned what works, where it works and how best to implement web design principles that work the best.

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CMS Integration

WordPress has a built in content management system. What we can do is extend this with intuitive visual orientated page editor.


Making edits to your WordPress site in a way that is intuitive and easily transferable to others in an organisation is something we are conscious of. This is why available open source free and pro page editors get integrated into every site we develop.


Support is also available when it comes to posting, page, imagery, video embeds on your site. We also provide a WordPress management service for businesses who just want to keep running their business day to day activities. Either way, we provide 24/7 support on all our developed sites.

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WordPress UI Design

We work on WordPress UI design in terms of elements, space, typography, consistency. It's all about the visual look and feel of the site.


A primary phase and part of the overall development, we apply our UI design skills to the design elements that make up the visual structure and brand message.


Design plays a significant role in how people react and interact with a site. It forms the perception in the mind of the user on the credibility of the business based on the aesthetics of the site design.

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Interventions such as onpage optimisation, keyword tagging and site speed optimisation can deliver results quite quickly.

WordPress Onpage Optimisation


Site speed optimisation, keyword tagging and on page optimisation interventions can all serve to increase performance, usability and ranking in the SERPS. We have 14 years of experience in WordPress digital marketing.


Here are some of the overall areas we optimise on – ghost pages, revisions, page caching, file compression, media optimisation and alt tags, minifying CSS and javascript and framework upgrading.

‘ Wireframing navigation pathways inline with user anticipation’

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Wire Frames

Wireframes are a great way to simply map out how the site will work, what expected pathways the user will go along and how the page content is sectioned up in line with user expectations.

Mapping out the site pages with wireframes allows us to communicate the site architecture to the client that provides clarity without any design elements acting to distract from the expected navigation pathways.

“Our aim is to make the whole process frictionless and a pleasant experience for our clients. You will find that we don’t need too much direction in knowing how to bring your website to launch with the most effective strategy for your industry type. “

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One of our strengths is that we focus equal attention to mobile and tablet design as we do for desktop.

We have exacting standards when it comes to mobile display. It’s not just good enough to be mobile friendly anymore, a site needs to maximise its effectiveness for small screens.

Aspects such as how visuals display on mobile are important.  The result is a higher impact visually on a smaller screen. This is just one aspect of many we pay close attention to in the responsive design process.

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Discovery Phase

At the start we look to find out what the goals of the website are, who the target market is? and what content is needed to support this.

The discovery phase works both ways it gives us the web development agency the information from the client on the aims of the site, competition, digital marketing and other aspects. The discovery phase also gives the client insights into our process. We tend to avoid using too much technical jargon whenever possible and instead look to spell out the results in a language that is conducive for understanding and continued discussion back and forth. The whole aim is to get clarity for both sides on the expectations of the project and overall scope.

“Our aim is to make the whole process frictionless and a pleasant experience for our clients. “