WordPress Website Management Service

Complete WordPress Website Maintenance Packages Ireland


All Round Website Management + SEO

Drive success your way and avail of the top most sought after services. All put together under one complete website management package.

All key management areas included for 2021 reflective of the most requested services.

  1. SEO & Keyword Optimisation
  2. Website Design
  3. Website Maintenance
  4. Security
  5. Promotions & Graphics
  6. Website Performance
  7. Online Payments

Website Maintenance Costs Ireland

Complete WordPress Website Maintenance Packages Ireland

Affordable and cost-effective website maintenance packages for Irish SME'S & entrepreneurs.

WordPress Maintenance Agency

More Than Just A WordPress Maintenance Package

Get everything you need all under one roof.

Gain a complete range of all essential services under one roof. As a result, no conflicts arise between services which otherwise may happen with various service providers.  Everything you need to get your website where you want it to be.

Choose from a flexible, high-value maintenance package. 



Expert WordPress Management

Get an expert WordPress developer powering your website and getting you where you want to be.

Because WordPress is multi-faceted and has tremendous potential, having an expert working on your website every week will help get the best out of your website.  It’s a fact that new upgrades and fresh content regularly structured is a signal to the search engines of the credibility of a website. 

Ever-evolving websites don’t stay static! This is why frequent interventions work so well. Smart and strategic interventions done in the right places and regularly bring higher results.

You get:

Peace Of Mind

Gain Peace Of Mind With Strong Security

Outdated WordPress plugins can cause security vulnerabilities leaving your website open to being hacked.

What happens if your WordPress website gets hacked?

Some intrusions can be so invasive that a new website build is more likely the end result as opposed to striving to clean a hacked website. 

The implications can be immediate and include being blacklisted and losing website rank.  Prevention is better than cure.  A hacked website can affect your business in these areas:

  • Your website loses ranking
  • The hacked website is blacklisted 
  • Your business loses credibility
  • Could result in a costly new website

Get peace of mind with scheduled plugin updates and a range of website security measures. 

  1. Scheduled Plugin Updates
  2. WordPress Upgrades
  3. Framework Upgrades
  4. Anti-Spammer Settings
  5. Security Plugin

On Page SEO

SEO { Search Engine Optimisation}

In an ever-changing and competitive environment staying on top of your SEO is key to driving traffic to your website.

Getting best practice SEO configured on your WordPress website pays dividends. Even for periods of six-month intervals, n most cases this work put in remains a constant and valuable asset. As a result, helping your business grow and reach new audiences.

We work on your website content in key areas and conjunction with the leading SEO software Rank Math:

  1. Primary Keywords
  2. Long Phrase Keywords
  3. Voice Search
  4. Mid Range Keywords
  5. Local Search
  6. Geo-location Targeting


Rigorous Website Checks

SEO is a complicated process and is not a multi-billion industry for nothing. This is why you get rigorous website checks on the areas that affect your websites ability to generate traffic.

Website audits allow measure where a website is at in terms of SEO and the ability to generate traffic.  After all, you cant improve your website unless it can be measured. Your current website baseline is accessed in terms of the SEO efforts so far. This baseline information will allow you to build on top of this, setting your website up for success.


Ranking Your Website With Rank Math Pro

We will install and configure the latest Pro SEO plugin from Rank Math worth 200 euros. We work with Rank Math to help you rank higher by making your website content more SEO friendly.

Rank Math is a powerful tool that delivers fast and effective results in multiple areas. Bringing your website to higher levels of optimisation than ever before. We configure and work on all the key SEO areas defined within the plugin.

  • Spot and fix technical issues.
  • Complete control over your Google listings.
  • Optimise content for high rankings
  • Detect and fix broken links.
  • Track ranking & click-through rate
  • Boost click-through rate on social media
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New Voice Search Included

Get ahead of the competition and have your website optimised for voice search. Now becoming just as popular as traditional search.

Extend your reach and market audience by getting your website optimised for voice search. With the popularity of Google Assist, Alexa and accounting for 50% of search online means websites set up for voice search will benefit hugely as a result.

You get specific voice search schema added to your website along with voice search optimisation.

  • Voice Search
  • Speakable Schema
  • Answer Questions To Achieve ‘Position Zero’
  • Framing Sub Headings In Question Format
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VNC Systems – USA “Firesky Studios worked on our website and subsidiary logos specific to our specifications which has made a significant difference to our business marketing collateral. We’ve seen a 70% increase in potential customers from the website which has been extraordinary for our small business IT market I can’t wait to start engaging on our upcoming projects, which I’m sure will lead to further help grow our business!”

Julius Crawford – CEO VNC Systems – USA

Web design Management

Website Design Work Now Included In Website Management

Get web design work done on your website with no extra fees. All are included in our WordPress Management service.

You can have web design done to any section of your website as part of the services we offer. This means that unlike most web management we include this essential aspect. Its because web design plays a pivotal role in how users engage with a website. More engagement equals more dwell time, which in turn leads to an increase in ranking over time.

You get:

  1. New Pages Creation
  2. Website Revamp
  3. Designed Sectioned

*Web design work is set at the same time rate and pricing structure as the WordPress Management Service which is 2.5 hours weekly. We do install plugins we recommend and use in our web design work outside of the native WP editor.


Promotions & Graphics

Whether it's Black Friday, seasonal or general promotions you can get top quality graphic design to promote your discounts. Plus all without paying for expensive graphic design services.

Promotions can be easily added to your website or kept as a stand-alone graphic banner linking back to the desired landing page or product.