New Brochure Website For Healy Lawnmowers

Project Scope

The scope of this project was to replace the existing website with a high functioning brochure style website that is accessible on mobile and tablet. The products that people are searching to show up on search as well as being easy to locate on the website.


The Result

A brochure website showcasing the full range of product categories that the business supplies in their Tipperary based premises. Along with search functions there is a category linked section from within the main drop down menu. This provides instant visuals and links to the garden machinery categories. 

Brochure Website Design

Brochure website developed and designed for Healy Lawnmowers LTD. Healy Lawnmowers supply a range of garden machinery from major brands such as quads, lawnmowers, ride-ons and trimmers.

Brochure website 1
Mobile website presentation
Website mockup showing ui design
Two tablets showing landscape view mode
Website user engaged using mobile and laptop

Client Feedback

Firesky designed the website exactly as I had envisioned. While completing the design I was kept informed and consulted on any decisions made. I am very happy with the result. I hope to continue to build off this great platform which Firesky has helped us to create.

— John Healy - Finn Briody

Section promo
Block section

Sections Block Design

Palette - Brand Colour





FONT TYPE - Roboto

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Product category display
Product category display

Product Section Display

Megamenu dropdown with high usability

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