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Quickly price up the cost of a small business website.

Calculating the cost of website creation can be a daunting task, but with our website cost calculator tools, it doesn’t have to be. 

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Simple Website Cost Calculator

Price calculator for a simple one, three and five page website. If you require an eight page website simply keep three and five pages checked. Higher page websites require a specific custom quote.

Simple one page website price
Simple three page website price
Simple five page website price
Mobile version optimised
Custom contact form
SEO optimised
Free image sourcing
WordPress setup on external hosting provider
Slider on home page
Testimonial carousel
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Bespoke Website Cost Calculator

Price calculator for a bespoke website design and development

Fve page website price
Seven page website price
Ten page website price
Mobile UI/UX design
Custom contact form
SEO onpage optimisation
Free image sourcing
WordPress setup on external hosting provider
Slider on home page
Testimonial carousel
Third party module integration
Pro SEO plugin
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Bespoke website includes branding and specific page design layouts

Instead of searching through website hosting offers or trying to piece together website building platforms, you can use website cost calculator tools to quickly get an estimate of the cost for creating a small business website. 


A Guide To Comparing Web Design Prices In Ireland.

This estimate can include website hosting fees, domain costs, and website design fees—providing you with a comprehensive view at a glance. So don’t wait—use website cost calculators today and begin creating the perfect website for your small business without all the hassle!

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Examples and definitions of simple and bespoke websites

A simple website is a website that is easy to navigate for the average user. It doesn't require any specialised coding knowledge and it features conventional web page hierarchies, with each page linked to other pages in an intuitive way. Generally, a simple website will contain basic information about a company or organisation, such as its history, mission statement, contact information and other pertinent facts. Additionally, some websites may have additional functions like online forms or calculators to make life easier for the user. Simple websites are perfect for organizations that are just getting started or don't need significant functionality beyond basic information and communication. Yes, they may not be fancy or full of advanced features but a simple website can get the job done in most cases.

Simple website example 1

Simple website example 2

A bespoke website is a custom-made website designed to meet the individual needs of the customer. These websites can be tailored to the desired look and feel, with each element made from scratch. This provides businesses with an online presence, allowing customers to find and interact with them in a more meaningful way. Bespoke websites also give brands a unique image that sets it apart from competitors and creates a distinct user experience. No two bespoke websites will ever be the same, giving companies more control over their digital platform and how they are presented in the digital landscape.

Bespoke website example 1 

Bespoke website example 2

Website pricing cost calculator

Don’t have time to search through complicated offers or piece together different platforms

Using one of these calculators provides an immense amount of value for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have time to search through complicated offers or piece together different platforms. Instead, with just a few clicks of a button and minimal effort on your part, this tool makes it easy for anyone to quickly calculate their approximate costs for creating a new website—so they can focus on other aspects of their business without having to worry about the technicalities of web development.

Using a website cost calculator tool is an easy way to get an estimate on the total cost for creating a small business website at a glance. With just some basic information about your project plus minimal effort from your end—you can quickly calculate the approximate fees associated with web development.