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Get a quick website quotation. Get A Quotation for your website project or start up in Ireland. LEO website quotes included.

Get a fast webste quote for your project in Ireland. Full quotes available for startups, ecommerce shops and website redesigns. Same day turn around for WordPress based projects and one to two days turn around for an ecommerce website quote. Fast and accurate website quotations. Local Enterprise Board  pricing cost and quotes also available. You can call us directly or email us for a project estimate. We have provided this comprehensive and quick fill form to get you a quote.

In the form is included check boxes for specific areas of development and so making the process very effective and exact.


You get a website quote that is printable on a4 via a PDF print document. For a full website proposal relating to an ecommerce website quote we may apply a small fee for this. Where this applies is in a request for a quote for a grant application where the outcome is uncertain in terms of the appointed design agency. Here three web design comapnies/freelancers can be in the equation, Sometimes it may be just a number ticking excersise in this respect and so we feel justified in charging on this.  In most cases quote costs won’t apply outside of a grant application.


A Few Questions & Answers

Website are priced in a few ways generally, fixed price estimate, hourly rates, percentage basis with advanced fees. You can read more here web design prices.

The cost to build a WordPress website can be between 300 and 1400 euro. Most small business websites fit somewhere in the price range.

Ongoing costs are domain registration renewal and website hosting. Costs vary on the website hosting  are paid either monthly or annually. These are the only two ongoing costs. There are business who wish to have site management and costs will apply on this.

Online stores cost between 700 and 5000 euro. The extent of the investment is dependent on the size of the project, such as product volume, brand creation and additional functions.

Getting a quote form Firesky is relatively quick once all the information is provided initially. 1-2 days is the norm. However there may be a need to request additional information in some cases. We can get this by emailing back usually. There are times a quick phone call can expediate the process and so a call time can be agreed.