The Finer Points To Getting A Good Web Design Quote For Your Impending Project.

It’s not difficult to get a quote for your impending web design project the finer point is how can you get a quote that is high on value. Here you will find out how and where to get a quote that ticks all the boxes. By having valuable insights into what to expect in a detailed quotation you will get the best return on your ROI. This is the key to any good quotation the value. Value means what you get versus what you pay divided by the average cost form multiple sources. Once you the client knows what you need there then follows the process of evaluating. You look at the prices, timeframe, perceived credibility of the developer, their clients and portfolio and do your best to consider the best proposal. As a business owner the finer aspects can go over your head.

If you knew the finer points to look for then this would make the decision process straight forward. It would also ensure you get what you expect. This is the thing, what you expect and what is in a project proposal can differ in reality. So to this extent you really need to take all aspects on board before committing yourself.

What To Expect In A Full Website Proposal - WordPress

If your existing website is WordPress based or you intend on using WordPress for you website project then you need to know the finer points with this. What should you expect in a WordPress website proposal?  A proposal is different from a quote in that the proposal is more extensive and includes these aspects here.

  • A reference to clients reviews
  • A link to website work within the proposal
  • A short paragraph on the digital studio/developer
  • A time frame for development
  • Breakdown of the development process
  •  A list of includes
  • The number of pages being created
  • The onpage optimisation and keyword targeting
  • The pricing costs and stage payments

The Average Cost To Building A Website

The primary consideration of cost, unless the budget requirements are limited is going to be value. You want to know that your spend is going to give you that value. In striving to find the most suitable quote a common question gets asked, what is the average cost to building a website? Coming up with an answer means looking at a standard website requirement such as an 8 page website. Gather quotes from multiple sources and you can get the average cost to base your assumptions off from.

For business owners and entrepreneurs looking to find out the average cost to build a website d may not get an accurate figure if at all. The reason for this is first the average type of website needs to be established and then the average cost that developers are charging. Possibly no one has actually gone and come up with a cost. At best a true reflective figure would be difficult to get because of the variables. Not to mention the types of websites and platforms utilised.

However we have put together what we think is the average cost to build a website based on WordPress. These estimates here are not withstanding of any user navigation strategy, landing pages, onpage optimisation and brand identity.

  • €495  for a 1 to 6 page website
  • €795  for a 1 to 10 page website
  • €1495  for a 1 to 15 page website

Your Expectations For Your Project

A website quote can be two fold. Firstly there is the build of the website. Secondly the inbuilt promotion of the site referred to as onpage optimisation. In the second part of the quote there can be digital marketing factors closely related to the website development. Typically this would be onpage optimisation mostly. You the client having communicated with the developer on the development and where you want to be in the near future. Quotes will often reflect additional services relating to your goals as well as what can be done on the website such as initial keyword targeting, keyword analysis and over on page optimisation.

What should be included in the web design part of the quote.

Getting the best web design quote for your project means, { not with standing value and price discussed above  } is the nuts and bolts that make up the website build. Its true to say that what goes into your website makes a difference. The problem most business owners starting out is that there can be a knowledge deficit in this area, although understandably. This is part of the history of humans, trading one specialised skill for another.

However here the essentials are listed on what aspects a website quote should reflect. So lets talk about the most popular website platform in the world WordPress.  Listed here are the essentials that make up a comprehensive high value quotation.

  • A fast website should be an essential part of the quote process.
  • Responsive display on laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Performance ready reposts prior to launch.
  • Onpage optimisation reports prior to site launch.
  • An effective user site map showing user navigation.
  • Display mood boards on the page design for wide screen and smartphone.
  • A list of recommended WordPress plugins being installed.
  • Aftercare technical support.

Hourly Fee Versus A Fixed Price

When looking for an estimate you can opt for a fixed price quote or an hourly rate. However the best approach in our opinion is to go with a fixed fee. The reason for this is that the developer should on most cases know what the cost of the project will be from experience. The only caveat for opting to pay an hourly rate is where the project has development requirements that don’t have a definite timeline for completion. Especially with a new undertaking that the development comapany has not gone through before.

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