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Food & product photography

Food Photographer

Firesky has a passion for food photography. We have been creating great results for many years now. We have learned a thing or two about creating stunning food imagery along the way. You can hire a professional food photographer for your next project. Our expertise is not just confined to our own clients. We can shoot for you also. So if you are a restaurant, magazine, marketing agency or cookbook author, we can do.

Photography Studio

The photography studio is set up with daylight balanced continuous lighting. Background and various backdrops are available. A food photographer needs creativity, imagination and superb lens. Our preferred lens for is the 50mm Nikon prime and the Tamron 15 to 30 mm. Recognised by other leading experts as one of the best lenses on the planet!  For the choice of camera, we use the full frame Nikon D600.

Food Photography Styling

Food styling is an area we have experience in. We can bring in ideas and props that support the food shoot. Our job as a food photographer and stylist is to create the story around the food in a balanced way.

Product Photography

Successful food photography comes from the end result. A person sees a compelling food image in a magazine or book. Getting an immediate reaction such as I to want it now means a successful food photograph.

“You don't need a silver fork
to eat good food.

Paul Prudhomme