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The Wellness Pod has a clear vision and mission - to source and provide products that are vegan, organic and eco-friendly.

Founder, Emma, has qualifications in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching from Australia and will soon complete a Degree in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from the London College of Natural Medicine. Emma has recently returned to Ireland and lives on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Store front layout for the wellness pod
Store front layout structure
Brand mood boards

Project Typography: Poppins

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Our motto is “create your own wellness” with products to suit all areas of your wellbeing. With a story behind our brand of heart, experience and passion for Wellbeing and a knowing that it only takes small steps every day to becoming a healthier you..






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A Shopify upgrade comes feature rich resulting in an enhanced shopping experience. Enhanced UI/UX navigation on mobile footer.Highly accessible primary store functions that increase the mobile user experience. As a result smartphone users have constant and easy access to the essential areas including instant search with predictive on type, cart, account and shop.Shop Wish list Cart Icon Account Predictive search QR code

Another great addition with the Shopify upgrade. Four features right in the cart drawer including:

  • Note to seller
  • Gift Wrap Option
  • Shipping Info
  • Discount Code Option
Product tab selection
Slide out cart drawer display on smartphone mock up


We added impactive visuals that fill the screen while leaving room as a visible cue for the next section to be scrolled to. The top navigation menu was restructured to include a smooth drop section with clear tiered categories.

Visuals in the top navigation immediately show the user some of the primary ranges with the ability to toggle through the products right in the header navigation.  The store has a calm feel with brand pantones, vector icons and designed sections in subtle harmony with each other.
  Mobile navigation menu with two primary options. Each menu unfolds to display a tiered structure with single primary visual for intuitive navigation. Wishlist and predictive search function within the navigation menu itself contribute to an enhanced user experience on mobile.


Cart Incentive

We added a free shipping threshold feature to the cart drawer and full cart page. In the customers cart a progress bar and note displays the amount left to achieve free delivery.

The store owner can set for example free shipping over 60 euro and this gets reflected as a progress bar in the cart. Thereby creating an incentive for the customer to purchase an amount that exceeds the defined free  delivery threshold amount. Once over the amount a congratulations note appears to inform the customer on the free delivery achieved.


Grouped Products

Grouped products is another upsell feature we added in the new development. As a result multiple purchases can be made within a single product window.

The new grouped products option allows for the customer to select multiple products, right within a single product window. Choosing independent quantity amounts and other variables such as size and colour for each of the products grouped. The result of grouping selected products together in one window is another great upsell feature to have available.

Cart page display


Related Products

The store owner has the ability to add additional related products together directly in the product purchase window.

Typically related products show below the products detail page and away from the purchasing block.  With the new advanced product block, related products are right in the purchase grid. This latest update is the perfect cross sell feature. Helping to get the highest conversion rates on the products detail page. The store owner has a powerful new conversion function when setting up a new product or editing an existing item for sale.

Shopify upgrade for the wellness pod 1

Rothlú Jewellery

A clean and modern aesthetic has elevated the website to a whole new level - with minimalist design features for an eye-catching layout plus improved front end experiences.