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A successful change of eCommerce for Smyth Knives

Based in Meath and skilled in making handmade knives of the highest quality and craftsmanship Paddy Smyth now exports his products worldwide. Sought after by collectors, hunting enthusiasts and clients who want to own a unique piece handcrafted in Ireland with Irish materials.


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It was clear that the existing WordPress website was under performing and not generating sales and traffic as expected. The decision was made to move the website platform based on our recommendations.

We recommended rebuilding the website on Shopify a dedicated ecommerce platform. In addition feature rich framework was developed on Shopify with a whole range of functions designed to maximise sales and conversions.

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The bolt on ecommerce that had previously been on the previous WordPress was migrated over to the new website based on Shopify. Including all the essential ecommerce data, customer details, order history, products and categories were successfully transferred across to the new development website.

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Smyth knives website
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Brand Photography

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A selection of initial products were photography at Firesky Studios. Bush craft knives were photographed in an outdoor setting. While the kitchen knives were set up and photographed in studio. Afterwards photo enhancement was applied to the original images using Adobe software - Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Project Typography: Playfair Display

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Body Font: Poppins

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Product Detail Page Wire Frame

Product page wireframe

Product Collection Page Wire Frame 

Collection page wireframe

Home Page Wire Frame


Home Page Wire Frame 

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Home page layout second example
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Cart Drawer & Check Out Page.


300% Increase In Sales

Since the new Shopify website was launched in mid 2021 the sales have increased by more than 300% compared to stats on the previous website. Ease of use, speed and conversion features are the hallmark of this new website. Sales continue to increase month on month for Smyth Knives.