Take your website to the next level with our cloud website hosting

Take your website to the next level with our cloud website hosting. With this type of hosting, you are able to leverage the power of the cloud, gain increased performance that can drive real results for your business.

RAM can rapidly speed up applications and processes with greater efficiency
Faster core processors
Cloud hosting

With a cloud-based platform, you’ll have worry-free scalability so your site remains ahead of the competition at all times – no matter how much it grows. 

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Superior performance and top-of-the-chart global response times.

Enhance business agility and transform the customer experience.

1. All servers are PHP 7.3 ready . PHP 7 runs significantly better than its predecessor.

2. Free website performance enhancement. With measurable reports in GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights.

3. Solid State Drives (SSD) on our cloud hosting are 3 x times faster for reducing page load times.

4. Ready to use caching Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to deliver expedited responses.

Why host your website in the cloud?

If your website is hosted in the cloud, rather than dangling from a single dedicated server like an overdressed Christmas tree ornament, you’ll enjoy major benefits.

For small businesses with limited budgets, cloud hosting offers some major advantages. Because it’s hosted on multiple servers simultaneously, there are no upfront costs associated with setting up or managing the infrastructure—all of these costs are spread out over time, making it far more cost-effective than traditional web hosting solutions.

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Cloud based website hosting also increases the speed and performance of your website because multiple servers are running at once. This allows more data to be transferred simultaneously and makes loading times much faster – which means happier customers!


Experience Top Notch Performance

Designed to maximise website performance.

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We take care of all the technical stuff

Let us take the hassle out of hosting your website by providing cloud-based solutions. Our services provide reliable and secure storage so you can focus on what matters: delivering amazing online experiences for users!

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to access a website that takes forever to load. In addition to fast cloud hosting we also optimise your web page speeds even further for an enjoyable, quick start experience! See our website speed improvement service.