Web design process


We have a work flow process that works consistently. It all starts with look and feel.

Design Boards

It starts with design – the look and feel is defined by a collection of elements to reflect your brand, colours, visuals, typography and graphics.

Smart website design with feature rich functionality and at competitive web design pricing.

Look & Feel

After the design and mood boards we structure the page layouts. The front and internal pages are created with a focus on how the layouts respond on laptop, mobile and tablet.


We build pages in sections. They can contain specific messages made up of visual, textual or video. 

These blocks can work in multiples to support an overall message of individually to link to another page or call to action.

As a website evolves, the beauty of sections means they can be refined, added to and moved around a web page inline with user feedback.

Visual Narratives

Visual narratives are an effectibe way of getting your brand message across.

We build websites and online stores with good design principles. Applied design to areas include typography, colour palette, spacial balance, page layout and graphic elements.

Story Telling

Using Design To Tell A Story

Visual narratives are an effectibe way of getting your brand message across.

Designing For Mobile

creating an effective mobile presence

More than just mobile friendly and adaptive, we apply good small screen design strategie


Adaptive design enables your website to effectively adjust to mobile, tablet and desktop and still maintain consistency of message and design. An effective smartphone website is more than just mobile friendly, it can help you win out against other sites that are not as effective.

Mobile User Interacting With Smartphone Page Design
Using the website on laptop and mobile
Designing For Mobile


With 4 million mobile devices in the Irish market at the moment, it’s now becoming more about a mobile-first approach when it comes to web design. As a result, there are opportunities for SME’S who get their website designed with an effective mobile presence. According to Statista.com, 64% of search is through mobile devices in Ireland currently.

This is a word that is used quite often though nowadays it’s more relevant to say mobile usability and mobile user experience. The difference being that in most cases any website platform comes mobile adaptive, it’s how the mobile user experiences and engages with your site that makes all the difference.


The requirements now in 2019 an ever increasingly competitive environment is to have an effective mobile website that is more than just smartphone friendly. There needs to be a little more science put behind this. We can do this and it does not mean through the roof expense.

A website’s effectiveness on mobile and desktop is about clearer brand messaging, it’s about the user experience, interaction, visually engaging structured content and a lot more.

Local Website Optimisation. We can help your new website do well in local search results.

We can improve your website visibility locally, in your county. in various areas such as optimising in Google My Business along with various other locally related factors. Web directories facilitating local search and reviews in Google matter too. 

While we build websites with a certain amount of built-in optimisation it is good to know if you need dedicated digital marketing to gain more traffic we can do. You can learn more here on our digital marketing – SEO in Ireland.


More Than Mobile Friendly

With 4 million mobile devices in the Irish market at the moment, it’s now becoming more about a mobile-first approach when it comes to web design.

We can help in the design process to creating a better user experience. This means a higher dwell time on mobile. Effective mobile design also brings a clearer brand message. It’s about the user experience, interaction, and visually engaging structured content.

Designing in sections using portrait mode cards allows for better focus in the creative process.  As a result, each section of the mobile website page that comes into view as the user scrolls provides a better user experience.


Mobile Design

Small Screen Structure


Balance | Space | Elements


Every website we build comes mobile adaptive.

Slider and Thumbnail Navigation
Call To Action Visual
Cafe theme layout for smartphone
UI Design Showing Share Button and beautiful visuals
Grid Layout
Gallery Mode
Responsive Contact Form

Mobile Display

Mobile Portrait Layout Design


Responsive Display | Clear Message Design



Our design focus covers multiple facets striving for great page design in line with user expectations on multiple devices laptop, mobile and tablet screens. 

Mobile web design is more than just about adaptive layouts, it;s about putting together the page content sections so that the user is engaged, understands the business message and interacts with the content on mobile in line with expectations.

Once this is created the brand perception is greatly increased. This is where we come in. We strive to get this across in our design process.

Design & Function

Good Design Facilitates A Good User Experience.

It’s a fact that design plays a pivotal role. Good design is about delivering a great user experience and creating a positive perception in the mind of the user.

People are very visual these days and an aesthetically designed business website plays a significant factor in gaining credibility.

The overall look and feel along with creative page elements should support the brand message and help to create a perception of the brand. Big or small projects we apply the same design principles in each project we do.



Engaging | User Experience


Balance | Space | Elements

Website Speed

Website speed is vital for keeping people on your site and for ranking in Google. That's why we build all our new websites with a superfast framework.

In addition we further optimse each new website design for further speed increases. Performance boosts that will get you off to a flying start. Compete and outperform your competition on speed and loading times.

Improve Website Speed


Intuitive Editor

Once your site is designed and launched you get a visual website editor to make any changes or add new pages.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is so good we can't say enough about this platform. Our website is built on WordPress, one of the world's most popular CMS platforms.

For ease of use to performing excellently in Google this is the right choice of website for any business online. Supported by hundreds of developers world wide there is an extensive library of plugins to add any feature and function into the website development. We add in recommended plugins some pro versions with each new website developed.

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Layout Design


Perceived credibility is important to your website success. We will help you get this by employing good design aesthetics in the page creation.

Credibility is crucial to your website success, without credibility your website conversions will only be a fraction of what they can be. People make instant assumptions on your credibility by looking at how your site is presented visually. We apply good design principles resulting in a positive perceived credibility for your business online. Design matters. It’s a fact that design is a primary factor in how visitors perceive your website and by association your business.

We deliver on design and function and to be honest our obsession with detail is something we can’t help ourselves with. We treat every website as if it were our own, that’s our philosophy. Design matters, so the look and feel of your site pages reflect what your brand stands for.

People make instant assumptions on your credibility by looking at how the site is presented visually. It’s a fact that website design is a primary factor in how visitors perceive your business. Apart from the site aesthetics, design is also about how people interact with your site, how it functions and ultimately how your website creates a great user experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered on website design.

Are the websites mobile friendly?

All websites that we build are mobile friendly and responsive on tablet, smartphone and desktop. This means that the display adapts to fit the screen size the site is being displayed on. In our website design process we work on three screen sizes at one time, so that the page layouts are consistent and adapt effectively to the screen size.

How much does a new website cost?

There are many factors that make up a new website design depending on the project requirements. The scale of the website has a bearing on web design prices. Feel free to ask a question and for a quote you can contact us at [email protected]

Do I make the updates or you guys do?

We generally encourage you to have a go at making changes or delegating. However we do offer a website management package where you can request us to make the edits for you.

I am looking for a WordPress web designer Dublin and I see your company is based in Galway, do you do web design in Dublin?

Yes we work with Dublin business, location is not a problem as most of the website build projects are conducted via email and over the phone.

Can I see how many visitors come onto my website?

Yes you can we install analytics on the site that will give you insights on visitors to your site.

Will I be able to make changes to my website once it is completed?

Yes, there will be a login area to the admin panel, where you can make easily make your changes. There will also see an intuitive visual editor there helping you to see the changes as you are editing. Of course we are always available on support if you need any help.

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