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Seven Web Design Essentials

We deliver on seven web design essentials

You need a website designed and developed right?  However, we can assume you will be doing your research, gathering information and seeing what is out there on web design, the latest technologies to help you achieve success online. Questions such as what is the best type of website, is it going to perform as expected in Google. Is the site going to meet my needs in five years time, can other functions be added. Is the site flexible and so on.

Responsive On Mobile

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User Experience

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Responsive On Mobile


Fluid Adaptive Layouts

With so many devices on the market, users will typically come to your site from different devices – smartphone, tablets or desktop device, so it’s important that your website automatically adapts its display to suit each device being used. With responsive layout design, your website will adapt to the screen size. This keeps the information displayed consistent throughout.


Why is this also good for ranking your site?

As more and more users view websites on their mobile devices, Google wants to make it easier to find relevant, mobile-optimized websites. To this end, Google uses mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking search results. This means mobile responsive websites get higher positions in the Google’s Mobile Search Engine.

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CMS Control Panel


An intuitive admin panel coupled with a visual style editor

CMS or Content Management System means you can log in and manage your website content through a control panel. We deliver an intuitive admin panel together with a built-in visual editor that makes adding new pages, posts, and images a breeze for you.


We do one more thing that you will really like

Once we build your website, we do one more thing that you will really like! Any page design or section that was developed initially, gets recreated as a reusable template. This means that you can recreate new sections or pages from the original design and with just one click. As a result, you then get the same consistent design, look and feel as a starting point for any new content you wish to add.

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SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

Dont worry about your site’s SEO. We’ve done the worrying for you.

A clean coded, high performing and a super fast framework will underpin your website. All the boxes are ticked that result in the best performance for your website. These include your site speed for high-performance results prior to site launch and checked out on GTMetrix. We also add server-side scripts to further enhance your website performance results in the search engines.


Plus more SEO!

With each website, we include free additional SEO software as standard. This means that the content on each page of your site can be optimally configured for your specific keywords. You will be able to see and tweak, in ten plus key optimisation areas, what is needed to get your website page optimally set up.




We deliver on design and function and to be honest our obsession with detail is something we can’t help ourselves with. We treat every website as if it were our own, that’s our philosophy. Design matters, so the look and feel of your site pages reflect what your brand stands for.


Why does it matter?

People make instant assumptions on your credibility by looking at how the site is presented visually. It’s a fact that website design is a primary factor in how visitors perceive your business. Apart from the site aesthetics, design is also about how people interact with your site, how it functions and ultimately how your website creates a great user experience.

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User Experience


In the initial stages of the web design process, we help you to define the types of users who visit your site, where they will want to navigate to and the end goal you want to achieve. We can quickly plan user pathways with wireframing that supports clear messaging and a good user experience.

Mobile First Approach

We design the user interface layout often called ( UI design ) for optimal results. This makes your website architecture easily accessible. It has clear pathways and visual cues in the website layout for your visitors follow. We pay particular attention on page design display for smart phone and adapt a mobile first approach during the creation of your website.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

–John Maeda
Elysse Bonner, Product Designer


WordPress Commerce


Initially or in the future, you may need to sell products or take payments online. So it is good to know that your website will be compatible with WordPress commerce. In fact, your website will be future proof to meet your needs as your business grows online. Whatever you need in the future you can be confident that there are additional features and functionality that can be added to boost sales and lead generation.


Watch our 3 minute video on the web design process. It shows the typical phases we go through from wireframing and information gathering to testing and site launch.