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Shopify Website Management Core Package:

Shopify Core website management includes content management, design & customisation, custom product work and custom collection work.

1. Content management is available to the client and any edit requests must be submitted via email.

2. Content management requests are the responsibility of the client. This is an on demand service provision.

3. Core website management does not include operating the store in a sales capacity.

4. Built up hours that have not been used can be availed of and used towards further service provision.

5. Worklog records of the management are kept up to date and are assessed every six moths to evaluate the amout of hours of work carried out.  Summary of work logged hours can be sent to the client on request.

6. If there are requests for work that are not outlined in the Core Management package its at the descretion of the service provider. Requests can be looked at on a case by case basis.