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Once you know how important schema is you will want to add this to your site.


A high click through rate can result from having the different rich snippet types be presented along side your normal listings in Google. Higher CTR is significant in that it is signaling to the search engines that the listing is relevant for the search query, it’s getting clicked on more often because of accuracy to what the page is about and prominence. A win win for both the website ranking in the SERPS and for the user experience [ux].

Snippets are extra pieces of information alongside your listing in Google search. It makes you stand out more, increasing the amount of clicks you get. Known as CTR [high click-through rate] which in turn moves you up in the search engines.

Rich snippets help your website listing to stand out by being prominent. Images, review stars, authorship and short accurate pieces of information that present to users a more accurate description of what a website page is about.

In simple terms, rich snippets can be review stars, additional info and an image beside your listing  in Google search.