We do logo design

The right logo can communicate a lot about your brand, from your values to your target audience.


The psychology of color in logo design

Think about some of the most iconic logos out there. Chances are, they’re fairly simple, with one or two colors at most. That’s no accident; studies have shown that humans process images with fewer colors more quickly and easily than images with a lot of colours. When we are designing a logo we keep things simple by sticking to one or two colors.

A great logo is about simplicity

It should work on a large scale as well as small. On black as well as on a white background. A well-designed logo should remain fresh from the time the mark is created.

Font choice in your logo

The font you use in your logo says a lot about your brand. A serif font like Times New Roman implies tradition and stability, while a sans serif font like Arial conveys modernity and simplicity. 


As with color choice, we think about the message your font is sending before settling on a design.


Logo design pricing can vary depending on the nature of the logo to be created. For example, text-based logos are generally lower in price as there are existing design variables present already. Custom logos from scratch involve designing and evolving different marks in line with the client’s objectives, this is where much time and resources go in and thus pricing is reflective of this approach.