Logo Design

Logo Design

Get a new solidly designed logo and get instant credibility, resulting in better conversions and brand recognition for your organisation. We help companies get a better brand identity.

Logo design and delivered on multiple devices – 495 euro.

The benefits of having a solidly designed logo.
1.Credibility for your business.
2.Increased conversions and lead aquisition as a result of perceived credibility.
3.Get the edge over your competitors.

What Is A Logo?
In it’s basic form a logo is a simplified arrangement of shapes and colours that form a symbol. This symbol is used to get across a message, idea or concept. A good logo is ultimately simple, on the other hand a complicated logo is not bad because it is ugly it’s because it takes time to understand.

Logo Design

7 Steps To Great Logo Design

Our seven step by step approach will deliver you the logo you want. Start today. Fast efficient service.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Scalibility
  4. Colour
  5. Balance
  6. Versatile
  7. Impact
Drawing out the design


Drawing Out The logo & Doing Fast Unhibited Initial Sketches.

The act of drawing out in a fast manner in the initial phase creates a connection between the creative mind and the hand. Being uninhibited and letting the process flow can bring about great results. Later refined drawing can be done.




Brand colour palette


To define a colour palette based on relevance to the brand.

Defining a colour palette and placing the tones next to each other helps to bring about a strong design.




Keeping It Simple

Striving for logo design simplicity.

A symbol that represents more than it’s literal interpretation. Removing any elements that take away from the message.

Brand Perception

A good logo means you are perceived as a legitimate player.

A good logo lets the world know you are a legitimate player. By effectively using form and colour, a logo can create an imprint in the mind of the viewer that is memorable. Receiving a great logo and using it effectively can make a big difference. The main point to understand is that a logo should reflect what you are about in an instant and create an implied perception in the mind of the viewer.


A brand mark should work on a large and small scale.

A good logo should work on a small scale such as a website logo or email signature. At the same time, the logo needs to work on a large scale also, such as a billboard or signage.

Logo Black & White

A true test of a logo design is to view in black and white.

In our logo design process we look at the logo in black and white. The reason for this is that one of the fundamentals of a strong logo design is to know that the mark created works without colour. In this way, the structure of a logo can be viewed for its integrity. Having the logo structure working on black and white is a must especially when considering all the various platforms and sizes the logo will be used on.

Close Up Of Logo On Presentation Folder
Logo On A Presentaion Folder


Freely experimenting in logo design.

Freely experimenting in logo design. Experimenting in logo design without fear and constraints can produce surprising results.

Logo & Font Type

The shape and font should live in harmony.

Fonts in the logo design should be in balance between each other and no one element should over power the other unless it’s integral to the design.

Logo On Dark Letterhead

Logo Mockup

Presenting the logo in a real world example using mockups.

Once the logo has evolved to a certain point it’s time to present to the client. We use mockups to show a real world scenario.

1. Sketching


2. Visual Research


3. Experimenting With Shapes


4. Presenting The Idea


Logo Design Process

Four stages of the logo design process.

Sketching based on research allows the mind to connect with paper through sketching freely the ideas. Working with flow and sketching multiple times can produce concept after concept at this early stage.


Case Study

Logo design for Runway Club Ireland.

The logo is a balance between the shape of the runway car and the typography. The logo works in reverse so equally well on a dark background as well as on light and coloured.



Visual Research


Design Software - Photoshop


Case Study

Logo design for Achill Surf

Logo designed for Achill Surf An Adventure Centre on Achill Island. The logo is on the company shuttle bus fleet and on their printed promotions.



Visual Research


Design Software - Photoshop


Always Test

Testing how the logo will look on the many platforms on the market.

In the logo design process it is essential to test how the mark will look, such as over an image, on corporate stationery and on coloured paper. How it appears next to other elements such as on a website are all part on the testing phase.


June 2018

Logo Design Resources

Logo design resources that cover typography, logo inspiration and design software.


Design Software

Logo Design Books

Logo Inspiration


Logo design Ireland.

It does not matter where in Ireland your business is located we can conduct everything with you by email and phone. This is how most of our work is done in general. The typical process is a phone call, followed up by emails to get the project started.


Get a strong mark for your business. Say hello.

At Firesky we can deliver a logo that works the way it is supposed to. Evolving your company to a brand is a central part of the marketing process. As a result, long-term success is achieved. Letting people see and use your logo across the various platforms is all part of any campaign. When we create a logo it will be usable across both traditional print and digital publishing. We provide multiple formats after the logo has been created.