At Firesky we can deliver a logo that works the way it is supposed to. Evolving your company to a brand is a central part of the marketing process. As a result, long-term success is achieved. Letting people see and use your logo across the various platforms is all part of any campaign. When we create a logo it will be usable across both traditional print and digital publishing. We provide multiple formats after the log has been created to our clients.

A good logo lets the world know you are a legitimate player. By effectively using form and colour a logo design can create an imprint in the minds of people that is memorable. Receiving a great logo and using it effectively can make a big difference. A logo should reflect what you are about in an instant.

A good logo should work on a small scale such as a website logo or email signature. At the same time, a good company logo design will need to work on a large scale also, such as a billboard or signage.

In our logo design process will look at the logo in black and white. The reason for this is that one of the fundamentals of a strong logo design is to know that the mark created works without colour. In this way, the structure of a logo can be viewed for its integrity. Having the logo structure working on black and white is a must especially when considering all the various platforms and sizes the logo will be used on.


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