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It’s not that Google boosts faster websites, it’s that the search engine penalises slower loading sites. To this extent you can outperform your competition and get ahead in the search results.

50% of people expect a website to load in two seconds. In 2018 miliseconds count. For every second that your website takes to load it’s going to affect your earning potential. Improve website speed and you also benefit from outperforming your competitors in the search engines. Faster websites get returned higher over the other sites, both on mobile search and desktop. Google has publicly stated that faster website are a ranking signal.

Yes slow websites hurt your business online. This page has a 98% Page Speed Score. Why don’t you check your site now here in GTMetrix



How to significantly speed up your WordPress website like a rocket to speeds where it should be.

First step is to make sure your WordPress website is running on at least PHP7. Once changed over to PHP7 you will see improvements straight away. However make sure that your site is compatible with PHP7.

Second step, optimise the website images to be light in file size. A typical website image can be fine at 100 to 150 kb in size. However if you upload an image direct from a smartphone the image would be quite big typically 3-4 MB, way too high for the web and will slow down the website quite substantially.

Third step get your developer to compress the site files, minimise the amount of page requests, javascript and css. By combining CSS files and Javascript files your website can speed up dramatically. 

Aim for an A Grade page speed score in GTMetrix and you wont have to worry about too many sites surpassing you.

Boosting Website Speed