5 Page Web Design Package

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Stand out with smart, affordable and creative page design for all screen sizes.

Five Page Website Design Package

A web design package that is five pages provides scope to deliver on design while keeping costs optimal.


Once you uptake on a website package you will receive a receipt for this. Then the web design work can start almost immediately. The steps below outline the process for you.

Step 1. We request login details to your existing WordPress website. We also need to do a backup of your initial website including the database. For this we need some details from your hosting provider namely FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) this allows for files to be uploaded and downloaded as part of the development process.

Step 2. We take a front end copy of your existing website such as the content, page URLs and visuals. This is done to use as a resource if needed. For new websites, this obviously will not apply. A request for the page content, page titles and any media to go on the website.

Step 3. Once the content is received the page design can take place. We pay close attention to detail on widescreen design and small. Mobile layout is a prime focus in the page layout and design phase.

Step 4. The website previews are sent over to you with displays for tablet, mobile and desktop. Here some tweaks are usually carried and once approval is attained on the website page design then the site can go live. During the process, there is a holding page put up that can include your primary info such as your contact details.

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Your website pages that we design are saved so you can reuse when you need. To add more pages in the near future gives your brand consistency and you will be confident of replicating our designed pages with just a couple of clicks.

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Small Screen Design


More than just mobile-friendly and adaptive, we apply good small screen design strategies, as a result, users get a fast, clear and good user experience.

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