Where ever your business is in the world we can help develop your WordPress website.

WordPress Agency

We routinely work on all aspects of WordPress development, from creating page layout design to implementing site functions and features.

  • We can get your WordPress site online within a week.
  • We can provide you with WordPress training and support after the site launch.
  • We do website optimisation so that your pages show up on the search engines.

What happens when you decide to work with us.

We talk or email on the general scope of the project. Getting to know the websites goals.

The Discovery Phase On The Project Scope

  • Who is going to be using the website?
  • What is the aim of the website?
  • What words or phrases do you want the website to be found for?
  • What do you hope your customers will get from the website?
  • Are there competitors that the website has to compete with?
  • Is your audience primarily on mobile or mobile and desktop?

Your website will have built-in SEO prior to launching.

We do speed optimisation on your site which is a ranking signal with Google. We then test the results in GTmetrix the recognised resource for site performance testing. It’s also important for mobile users and voice search.

Improve Website Speed

Responsive website design on tablet and smartphone devices. We design your website for mobile, tablet and desktop display. In the process going between all three screen views to get the optimal display. The result is pixel perfect margins, space, relevant text and title sizes, full viewable fold display of visuals on mobile and much more.

Designing For Mobile Devices

Once you are happy with the look and feel of the design and all the necessary tests carried out, your site gets launched.

We can add in Analytics to your site. This provides valuable metrics on multiple areas relating to your sites performance.

Most active areas we are requested to work on.

WordPress Re-Design . Page Layouts . Brand Look & Feel 93%
SEO . Website Optimisation 90%
WordPress Commerce 63%
Responsive Website Design 83%
Functionality . Requested WordPress Features 70%
WordPress Site Management 51%
Landing Pages 27%

"Our aim is to make the whole process frictionless and a pleasant experience for our clients. You will find that we don't need too much direction in knowing how to bring your website to launch with the most effective strategy for your industry type. We communicate with clients in a common language that will resonate and be easily understood and without too much technical jardon."

Discovery Phase

At the start we look to find out what the goals of the website are, who the target market is? and what content is needed to support this.

The discovery phase works both ways it gives us the web development agency the information from the client on the aims of the site, competition, digital marketing and other aspects. The discovery phase also gives the client insights into our process. We tend to avoid using too much technical jargon whenever possible and instead look to spell out the results in a language that is conducive for understanding and continued discussion back and forth. The whole aim is to get clarity for both sides on the expectations of the project and overall scope.

The Discovery Phase On The Project Scope

WordPress Redesign

Here is a step by step process on how we approach an existing WordPress website that is getting a complete redesign.

The first step is to back up the existing WordPress site, this includes backing up the database and the site files. In other cases, this may not be necessary if the old site has no importance in terms of traffic and ranking. In this case, we will simply take appropriate content from the front end to use as a reference for the new platform. For backing up a website database we request access to the PHP MyAdmin panel. Most hosting providers have this utility in relation to WordPress.

The second step we take is to look at the cached URLs of the existing site and take a record of these. The URLs can be assessed for rank value and those that are significant are kept in place on the new site provided there is no domain name change.

A third step can be a transfer of hosting over to a better host provider. In cases where the current hosting provider of a WordPress site is holding back on the site performance and future functions than a transfer are initiated on the recommendation. We can guide clients on how this process. Generally, this is a straight forward affair and time-wise can take a day or two for a.ie domain and typically five days for a .com to transfer over.

Creative Page Layout

Designing For Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

One of our strengths is that we focus equal attention to mobile and tablet design as we do for desktop.

We have exacting standards when it comes to mobile display. It’s not just good enough to be mobile friendly anymore, a site needs to maximise its effectiveness for small screens.

Aspects such as how visuals display on mobile are important. For example, we look to use pairs of images for desktop display so that they fill the screen area. These images can be 1000px wide and 1100px in height, so together they work well on the desktop to fill the screen and create impact while adding more visual value to the section topic.  So when the images are displayed on mobile they get stacked and because of the dimensions, most of the screen area displays the image. The result is a higher impact visually on a smaller screen. This is just one aspect of many we pay close attention to in the responsive design process.

Designing For Mobile Devices

WordPress Commerce

Business who need to sell online without the need for a dedicated full featured e-commerce platform such as Shopify or Magento can use instead the cart and checkout functionality that WordPress supports.

There are numerous advantages to adding e-commerce functionality to a WordPress site especially when the platform already exists. It can save time and possibly reduce costs on getting a dedicated e-commerce site. While we will always advocate using platforms such as Shopify for solely specific online selling, there is scope for using WordPress to sell online. We will be adding more information on this in the near future update.

Wire Frames

Wireframes are a great way to simply map out how the site will work, what expected pathways the user will go along and how the page content is sectioned up in line with user expectations.

Mapping out the site pages with wireframes allows us to communicate the site architecture to the client that provides clarity without any design elements acting to distract from the expected navigation pathways.

WordPress Development Using Wire Frames

The Process

There is a step by step process that we take to bring your site from development through to getting launched successfully.

Step 1. Are we install WordPress on an accredited hosting server. Then we begin configuring the platform setup.
Step 2. Installation of recommended WordPress plugins to boost site performance and support the site goals.
Step 3. Here we set up the website pages in line with the project scope requirements and content.
Step 4. We start doing what we do best by designing the home page layout, brand elements and page sections. We go between mobile, tablet and desktop design to ensure a seamless display and good user experience.
Step 5. Your website is optimised for keywords, speed and SERP description relating to your industry type.
Step 6. Soon after the website design and content revisions are done the site gets launched.


We routinely work on all aspects of WordPress development, from creating page layout design to implementing site functions and features.

Whether you need a WordPress E-Commerce site, an online payment system or on-page optimisation you can be confident we can do. We are a WordPress Development Agency & Digital Studio. WordPress simply allows our team to do deliver on the promises we make to our clients every day.


Development pricing associated with WordPress development in our process can either fit into a standard or premium package. If the development scope is outside of our website packages we can quote for this specifically.

There are different methods for pricing a WordPress site design, with our method we have set a fixed price in two forms of two categories business and premium packages. This creates clarity for the client and also provides value. Anything outside of the site-packages we can also quote on. You want to read more on web design pricing in general here. View web design packages.

Coding Displayed On Laptop

Q & A

There is a section on this page that answers this process and the steps we take to ensure that cached history is preserved and other aspects outlined in a step by step process. Read more

We can help you with both ongoing support and screenshots on how to make edits in the WordPress dashboard. Most of the time our support will answer any queries you will have on editing your website. There are other resources we can provide outside our support scope whenever necessary to gain advanced technical insights. Bear in mind we also do a WordPress management package that you can take up, this is suitable for business owners who want to just keep running the business day to day and leave the site edits to a professional.

Yes, it is, but don’t just take our word for this, according to Kinsta WordPress powers 32% of all the web sites on the internet and this trend is continuing to go upwards. WordPress as the platform to underpin the website design is perfect for small as well as big companies. 

Three main benefits when we develop your website.

1. You gain from the extensive experience of 14 years working with WordPress.

2. We know how to optimise WordPress for better search results and performance.

3. We do the great design that works seamlessly and consistently across mobile, tablet and desktop.

WordPress commerce can suit businesses who may not need the full robust dedication and functionality of an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. We have expertise in developing WordPress based shops. Learn more

Yes in fact it will be more than this as we pay close attention to design principles for smaller screens. learn more 

CMS Integration

WordPress has a built in content management system. What we can do is extend this with intuitive visual orientated page editor.

Making edits to your WordPress site in a way that is intuitive and easily transferable to others in an organisation is something we are conscious of. This is why available open source free and pro page editors get integrated into every site we develop.

Support is also available when it comes to posting, page, imagery, video embeds on your site. We also provide a WordPress management service for businesses who just want to keep running their business day to day activities. Either way, we provide 24/7 support on all our developed sites.

WordPress Development 1


Design is one of our strengths. You gain design expertise when you hire us to create your website pages.

The design of your site should exude credibility in the mind of the user, something we are adept at doing. We have learned what works, where it works and how best to implement web design principles that work the best.

Hire us for UI and website design

WordPress UI Design

We work on WordPress UI design in terms of elements, space, typography, consistency. It's all about the visual look and feel of the site.

A primary phase and part of the overall development, we apply our UI design skills to the design elements that make up the visual structure and brand message.

Design plays a significant role in how people react and interact with a site. It forms the perception in the mind of the user on the credibility of the business based on the aesthetics of the site design.

WordPress Optimisation

Interventions such as onpage optimisation, keyword tagging and site speed optimisation can deliver results quite quickly.

Site speed optimisation, keyword tagging and on page optimisation interventions can all serve to increase performance, usability and ranking in the SERPS. We have 14 years of experience in WordPress digital marketing.

Here are some of the overall areas we optimise on – ghost pages, revisions, page caching, file compression, media optimisation and alt tags, minifying CSS and javascript and framework upgrading.

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress Terminology Explained

Admin Area – The admin area can be accessed by tying wp-admin after the website domain, so for example www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. The wp standing for WordPress. The admin area is where page and post, are accessed along with the site theme, plugins and other related features in the site.

Plugin – A plugin is a developed piece of software that can extend the functionality of any WordPress site. Plugins are accessed and downloaded from within the admin area in the WordPress dashboard.

Administrator – This is the user role for the person who can control the entire site. Other roles can be assigned by the administrator such as an editor or subscriber. Each user can have specific roles assigned to them depending on the level of access and editing required.

CMS – means content management system and facilitates the publishing of content online without the need to know any code or technical skills.

more terminology explained here

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