What is website management and how can your business benefit as a result?

Website management involves a designated person to manage a website in order to bring about a defined result. This typically involves hiring a professional to work on a range of aspects. These involve core maintenance tasks such as WordPress updates and system upgrades.  This is often referred to website maintenance. The difference between website Maintenance and website management is that website management involves a wider range of interventions such as digital marketing and on page front and back end optimisation.

What’s involved in website management?

Website management can involve just the basic such as managing the core aspects to keep the site in good working order. However site management can encompass a broader dimension such as promoting the site and improving the site usability.

The activities involved in website management are

1. Keeping the website system up to date.
2. Making content edits on behalf of the site owner.
3. Promoting the site in the search engines.
4. Adding new functions and features.
5. Improving the site design and brand.
6. Improving the site usability.
7. Managing the website display on mobile, tablet and desktop.
8. Social media marketing.

Why is website management important?

With WordPress for example keeping the plugins up to date is essential as out of date plugins can cause vulnerabilities that can lead to intrusions and create a security risk for your site. Here is an article on the top 10 most vulnerable plugins. So from a security stand point management in this respect is essential.

Improving the website design through website management will send out positive signals to the search engines. For example, an improved home page layout design that gets more dwell time and user engagement as a result will generally get higher positions in the search results.

Improving the page description and title is hugely important as this is the first aspect that grabs the user attention in search listings. When the listing description is compelling this increases the amount of clicks going to the site and shows the search engines that this website is valuable for the given search. Improving the amount of clicks a website gets is called click through rate or CTR. CTR is not to be underestimated and plays a pivitol role within any comprehensive website management plan. You can read more on CTR here.

The benefits of website management are:

How much does site management cost per month?

The cost for site management really depends on what level is needed. For core website management prices can be around 35 euro per month. For full website management, that is making site edits and along with maintenance tasks 75 euro per month is the norm. For website management coupled with digital marketing costs can range from 200 a month to 500 euro per month. These prices are associated with WordPress website. E-commerce site management can range from 200 a month to 4000 a month, for e-commerce management costs will reflect the the level of intervention and digital marketing involved.

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