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You need a website revamp as your existing website is either outdated, the design needs to be better or the current website needs to be more user friendly. Whatever reason you have decided to get a new site, we can help. We can work on your old website in improving the design, speed and usability. You will get an intuitive admin panel to give you the option to make edits while in visual mode making the task of site edits easier for the future.


Our website revamp services include:

  • Responsive design process in mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • A new framework layout.
  • Speed performance and site loading times enhanced.
  • Intuitive editor for making edits and viewing visually at the same time.
  • Performance enhancing plugins.
  • Website redesign.
  • Pages redesign.
  • WordPress based platform.

Website redesign services and development package


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This revamp service package is suitable for mid-range websites. It does not include ecommerce websites that have extensive product ranges. If unsure please send us your website and we can confirm if your website fits in with this plan. 

DESIRED OUTCOME OF a website redesign

There are many factors why you may need a website revamp.


First Impressions Count

Remember when someone comes to your site you want people to get a positive reaction when they arrive on your site. Principles of good design are used across the site that make for a good reaction from the visitor to your site.


Keeping it simple

Keeping your site simple and not making your users think. Clean layouts, clear calls to action and clean imagery make for an effective user experience and eradicate user frustration.


Effective Home Page

Your home page should function properly be clearly designed. Bring users to the internal pages with visual cues and links. The home page should also be engaging, uncluttered.



For website design on mobile, scrollability is a important. You want your site information and brand message to be clear on a users smartphone. As the they scroll down they should see clear sections that deliver the desired outcome. We design and test in real time during the design process for mobile display as well as desktop and tablet. Adjusting column displays, typography and visuals to be suitable for each device displaying your website.


Clean Design

People are attracted to good design and good design creates perceived credibility. Clean aesthetic design sells and this is a fact. Getting a website redesign with appealing clean lines and layouts produces clear messaging for your business. In addition improving the site aesthetics creates greater appeal for gaining and maintaining new clients.

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