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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and used by many companies in Ireland. As we have 14 years experience in developing WordPress based websites we are fully qualified to manage this platform.

We manage your website in all key areas:

  • Website updates
  • Optimisation
  • Upgrades
  • Revamping layouts
  • New technologies
  • Security & backups

You gain a lot with us in terms of WordPress management.

Shopify Management

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there and as such we have the experience in working with this platform.

Hire us to manage your store.


Ten Website Management Benefits

  • Better results
  • Faster website
  • Mobile optimised
  • Better ranking
  • Performance
  • Better usability
  • Peace of mind
  • Cost-effective
  • Gain a smart partner
  • Security

How Does It Work?

We take a series of initial steps, the first step is for us to get access to the website where we can do a backup before making any interventions.

Step 1. There is a process that we take initially once the website management begins. The first step is to improve the website design with the client’s permission. This involves sending over a proof for confirmation. Improving the website design is of course very important however this is only done if we feel it is merited.

Step 2. The next step is we improve the website framework for speed and performance. There are twenty-six aspects we work on to get the optimal results. You can learn more about improved website performance.

This page has been optimised and tested for performance you can view the results here.

Step 3. Keyword targeting is a key aspect that gets looked at the start. Often this is not utilised properly or completely overlooked.

Step 4. Is about making direct changes to the website such as adding new content, images, videos, testimonials. New pages and posts typically get created where there is brand new page content to go in.

Step 5. General weekly interventions in a host of aspects are the mainstay of our website management process. This brings results in the short and long term.

Management applies to all aspects.

Whether you are running your business or website having good management in place brings results.

Why hiring a website manager is not an expense!

Think about it for a second, you could spend hours just looking to improve on one aspect of your website, going through a learning curve when all that time you could be running your business.

Running your business is something that you are good at, you have after all been working at this for a long time, so experience in your area you have gotten. The same applies to website management, we have gone through a process that takes years to gain insights into.

Websites are indeed multi-facited and require expertise in all areas to fully get the best results for your website business online. This is where we come in, just as you have gained experience and hands on expertise over time on running your business successfully so the same analogy applies with us.

We offer affordable website management solutions that at the end of the day are not another expence when your website produces the results you expect fron it.

Pricing & Options

Three levels of affordable website management fees available.

Prices For Website Management

Website management pricing is clear and upfront with three affordable options currently available.

Option 1. Basic website management with that covers all the essentials. The cost of this is 25 euro per week.

Option 2. Website management with weekly work carried out. This plan is for an accelerated approch to all areas of website management including onpage optimisation in the search engines.

Option 3. Is an alternative to hiring a full time website manager inhouse. Instead small businesses can outsource a dedicated professional to work on the website during the week. Typically it could cost 400 to 500 euros. With us you get a high level of expertise for 175 euro weekly.

Need to know more on pricing in terms of website design you can read more here.

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