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Choose from basic maintenance if you need just the minimum to keep your site in good working order. Choose the website management plan and you benefit from high value site management including onpage optimisation and site speed performance. For business who need to compete and have more weekly requests on site management then the Website Management PLUS is ideal for you. We do comprehensive website optimisation and backlink management on your site.

Website Maintenance

8 / Per week
  • 45 minutes a month
  • Site maintainance . upgrades to WordPress . Database backup

Website Management

/ Per week
  • 2.5 hours a month of high value management
  • Website Performance
  • Website Speed
  • Full Site Backup
  • Site Edits
  • *Onpage Optimisation
  • Maintainance Tasks

Website Management Plus

50 / Per week
  • 1.5 hours or 45 minutes a week of high value on your website.
  • Website Performance
  • Website Speed
  • Site Edits
  • *Onpage Optimisation Plus
  • Backlink Management