Performance management
€36per month
  • Monthly Website Performance Tasks
  • Database Backup Security
  • Upgrades Updates to website system


PLUS Two hours every week
€50per week
  • Monthly Website Performance Tasks
  • Weekly Content Edits
  • Upgrades Updates to website system
  • SEO Website Optimisaton
  • Promotion Graphics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Hire us for 50 euro per week. Time - two hours weekly
  • 1. We work with you for two hours every week on anything you need.
  • 2. SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • 3. Digital and print promotions
  • 4. Your printing requirements
  • 5. Online shop creation
  • 6. Website management
  • 7. Ecommerce management
  • 8. Scheduled performance tasks
  • 9. Full site backup including database
  • 10. PLUS Factor
  • 11. Adwords
  • 12. Analytics
  • 13. Landing page design
  • In addition benefit from the *PLUS FACTOR. This is a great solution and will bring value to your online business ultimately helping to increase sales, bookings, exposure and higher conversion rates over your competitors.
  • When you think about how much per week you pay your staff and compare 50 euro per week to having us as your online expert to manage your online business it's a tremendous benefit to your business. The online aspect of your business can be just as important as you physical premises on the high street.

We Take Care Of Your Website

Get your website moving in the right direction.

There comes a point when you just need to delegate your website management to a professional.  You may find that despite your best efforts your site never seems to reach it’s true full potential. We are here to tell you that there is help. Making that decision to off load your site to a website management company like us can make a tremendous difference. We can take care of your website edits, upgrades, site performance and much more.  We have the mindset to keep your business interests at the core.

website managment plans

Improve Your Site Performance

We can boost your website performance by many factors.

Site performance is vital for your success online. Areas such as page speed, repeat visitor cached pages, gzip compression, expired headers, image optimisation and much more have an impact both in the search engines and for users coming on to your site. We can improve your websites performance and provide improved reults in this area as part of the PLUS and Business Website Management Plans.

The Plus Factor +

When you have us working on your site you get the plus factor.

The PLUS FACTOR means you get more from us continually.  Benefit from on going support to start with. Benefit from new technologies coming on stream. Free recommendations and actions for you in relation to your website and it’s overall success online.

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Website Management

Editing Your Website Changes

Maintaining websites is a tedious and technical process, so let someone else do it for you. Business owners typically may not have either the time because of day to day activities to maintain their website. We also include 15 minutes monthly for content updates which is ideal for  businesses that may just need the minimum content changed on their websites. Changes to your website include adding new pages with text, promotions, images, graphics, video, additional site content, links, online store product & changes.

  • New pages with text/images
  • New posts with text/images
  • Adding promotions
  • Adding graphics
  • Video embedding
  • Links added
  • Navigation updates
  • New products
  • Adding payment providers
  • Home Page & Slider edits
  • How to support
  • Module integration

Improving Performance

Website Management For Optimal Results

In a lot of cases there is no in-house technical expertise to carry out the essential WordPress CMS maintenance required. Maintenance of your website means you can be confident you have someone looking after your WordPress site, so that it continues to grow your business online. Without proper website maintenance websites can be left stagnating for weeks and even months at a time. This can adversely affect site performance in many areas, security, front end visitor experience, indexing performance in Google. When a WordPress website is not maintained it will become vulnerable to security breaches and could be hacked from outdated plugins. All websites need to be kept in proper working condition to perform optimally. Successful business owners know this and that is why a regularly serviced website is an essential part of their online strategy.

  • Scheduled Website Backups
  • System Upgrades
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin & Third Party Upgrades
  • Responsive Framework Upgrades
  • Compatibility Checks
  • Security Updates
  • Spam & Malicious Redirects Protection
  • Website Performance Checks & Reports
  • Caching Generated
  • Content Optimisation
  • Support 24/7