Website Hosting & Support. Reliable & secure website hosting. Email setup. WordPress applications.

Website hosting provides a fast and reliable server space for your website. With scheduled full site backups, you get peace of mind, knowing your site can be restored to a previous version should your website ever be compromised. Hosting includes applications that power your website such as WordPress. 

With next-generation website hosting, you get fast, secure server space to host that is cost-effective, supported and utilises the latest technologies.

Built on Cloud Linux LVE technology it means more stability for all customers on the new Shared Next Generation platform.

Superfast performance is provided with isolation and caps, this means that every site’s resource consumption, whether it’s Request Rate, CPU, RAM or bandwidth related, will not affect other sites on the same server, resulting in increased performance. You also get advanced, automatic backups of your website.

  • Fast Secure Hosting
  • Webmail 2GB
  • Supported 24/7
  • Scheduled Site Backups
  • System Upgrades
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