People and business come to us from Ireland and abroad. We have worked with business in the UK, USA, Sweden, Australia and Germany.


Web Design Ireland

People and business come to us from Ireland and abroad. We have worked with business in the UK, USA, Sweden, Australia and Germany.

While we are successful in digital marketing and promoting ourselves, a lot of our work comes from word of mouth. Other people recommend us. We are trusted and deliver in many cases above our clients expectations.  View here some of our client reviews. Our aim is to build websites that help Irish entrepreneurs succeed in the marketplace for 2019. We do this by providing a diverse and full range of digital services.

Irish entrepreneurs can be faced with the initial challenge in having the best solution to drive sales and traffic to their new website. Areas such as what is the best website platform to use, which web design company will develop the site effectively and deliver the highest value on the project build. How will the relationship be in the future with a development company, will there be excessive additional costs for future updates and site edits. In addition there are requirements that the website must have, what are these going to be, what features and functions will be included, what agency is going to impart the best advice in terms of what these should be and so on. Ultimately there are many factors involved in aggragating enough information to make a descision.

What we aim to do here on this page is to provide Irish business owners with enough insights to help in this process. From our experience we know what works generally, not with standing the unique requirements a specifc business model online may have. However there are universal aspects that go into a website design that make sense. So here we look to highlight the areas that are needed to drive success in Ireland for 2019.

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Design in relation to website is both aesthetic and functional. When web design companies we talk about design for a site they mean both the front end aspect as well as the back end. The front end being the look and feel, visuals, section design, user navigation and information architecture in line with user anticipation. With the back end its all about functionality, what functions are available to deliver a great user experience. The benefits of design thinking can be demonstrated here.

It’s a fact that design sells. Design plays major roles in how users and customers perceive your website. Design is also linked to perceived credibility. Design also creates loyal brand following because design can create an idea, a value that is transferred to the viewer.

Better Layouts

We build websites in sections. This creates clearer messaging along with a better design layout.

Site pages with block sections provide greater flexibility as each section can be moved around, up, down or to another page. They can also be saved for reuse again on new pages being added.

Ecommerce Website Development

There are differences between various platforms when it comes to selling online. While recommendations can be subjective we offer three types of ecommerce options for our clients. In our opinion these are the best on the market and deliver outstanding results.

Ecommerce platforms we use to help Irish business sell online,  learn more here E-Commerce

Shopify, Magento and WordPress commerce are the platforms we work with.

Web Design Pricing

Web development costs, pricing and packages.

Web design prices can vary per project and to some extent with the development company’s own pricing structure. Initial investment is generally either in the form of a website design package with fixed fees up front offering certainty or a price per hourly rate. With hourly rates the key question is how long will the project take, however opting for an hourly rate is by definition allowing for extended or unforeseen work. Hourly rates will vary depending on the nature of the project with ecommerce website design generally being higher as a rule.

We have added the latest outstanding website design package. Packed with performance driven features, this package delivers better results all round. Created for Irish business owners and startups for 2019.

Website revamp packages are also available for WordPress based websites.

More here on web development costs and how prices are typically structured https://fireskystudios.com/web-design-prices/


In Ireland SEO and onpage optimisationare going to play a pivotal role in gaining more traffic and better ranking in the SERPS. For example a business providing a service locally within a specific county with want to utilise Google My Business along with various other locally related factors such as, web directories facilitating local search. Reviews in Google matter too.  You can learn more here –
SEO in Ireland

How your site ranks in the search engines is obviously going to define your success. With interventions in certain ares with the aim of creating great content, user engagement and providing the best resource to answer search queries asked.

What Is The Best Website Platform?

This is a question that is asked once a person is aware of the performance differences between each platform. Do certain types of websites perform better than others. Which website platform is best suited to a particular business model? Here below we attempt to answer this question.

If you are an Irish business looking to sell online there are many ecommerce platforms out there  to choose from. But which one best suits your needs? There are many factors that dictate this such as, ease of use when managing the site, how future proof is the ecommerce platform? will new functionality be available when needed and how easy and cost effective would new functions be to add to an online store in the future?

WordPress is the primary platform that we use to build out websites you can learn more here https://fireskystudios.com/wordpress-development-agency/

Mobile Friendly

This is a word that is used quite often though nowdays it’s more relevant to say mobile usability and mobile user experience. The difference being that in most cases any website platform comes mobile adaptive, it’s how the mobile user experiences and engages with your site that makes all the difference.

A small screen needs to make an impact, present information that is fully accessible and engaging. This is now becoming ever more honed in on by web development companies seeking better ways to firstly create the most useful mobile site that keeps users on a page longer.  For business who already have a website the degree to how effective it is can be evaluated in Google’s mobile friendly test.

Voice Search

Another important factor is optimising your website for voice search. Voice search is the future of search. Right now voice search accounts for 20% all searches done.

Voice search is the future of search. Why? Well with apps like SIRI and Google Play these are providing mobile users a faster and more efficient way to find what they are looking for. Voice search evolution is going more towards longer search queries with question based queries being more prevalent.  To be set up effectively for voice search firstly your site needs to be superfast in terms of loading for mobile devices and secondly the content on your site pages needs to have question and answers that reflect actual search queries for your topic and service.