Web Design Donegal

We make beautiful websites that are clean coded, affordable and will outperform the competition. We have a reputation for building outstanding WordPress websites so for web design Donegal, this consists of many high value features. We created a website for Donegal Flowers as an example to show you past projects. This WordPress based site shows up on top in Google for a range of keywords that deliver great results for the owner.  Web design prices and site packages are here.

When you come on board with us you will benefit from not just website design expertise, you will have the benefit of our digital marketing experience also. So while we do have a separate service for this called SEO services, we do implement features into the website build initially such as a superfast framework which performs extremely fast on mobile.

We do keyword optimisation locally in County Donegal so when you need a boost in the ranking in Google we can help your small business get there on top.


You Get

  • Superfast Framework [ a ranking factor in Google ]
  • Excellently designed page layouts to increase credibility.
  • Multiple plugins to support ranking
  • Optimised title tags and page description [ increases ranking in Google listing though a higher click through rate ]
  • Support 24/7
  • WordPress training and support
  • Free images available and optimised for Google image search.
  • Built in e-commerce
  • Future proof functionality which means the site can be extended by tapping into the extensive plugin library
  • Free page builder included
  • Initial page designs saved so you can recreate in the future more pages with the same consistency on design and layout.

WordPress Developement

A bit about our choice of web design platform. We are essentially a WordPress development agency. In our design process we work on mobile, tablet and desktop display to bring about a consistent display for the end users. Usability is a big factor in ranking and retaining customers, after all if people do not stay on a website long they invariably will leave. A signal not lost with Google called bounce rate. So for continued upward momentum in the search listings a good customer experience is necessary.

Web Design Near Me

While local web design near me is a much used term it and can be beneficial when you need to meet face to face with a developer. However convenience of location in your search for Web Design in Donegal may not always offer the best solution. Here is why, most if not all communications are done via email and phone with regards to web design.


Anybody can build a website, there are plenty of options out there. A brother, cousin or someone locally you may know. The key is getting a website built that will deliver results. That is where you pay for the brains in this regard. An effective website does not need to cost a fortune this is something we can show you how to get the best website design for your money.

How We Work

With web design most of our work is conducted over the phone and by email. Typically a couple of conversations initially on the business project requirements and then after most of the information gathering and website process are attained via email.

How To Show Up Locally In Donegal

Getting a new website built? of an existing website revamped? there is one aspect in common and that is the site needs to show up locally in the region for search terms relating to Donegal. This is something we can help with initially and can also extend in a seperate service. This is called SEO and onpage optimisation.

Google My Business Donegal

Getting on top in the search results in Donegal needs a multi-faceted approach. One of the first aspects to look at is the local Google My Business listing. Is your business on this? If not you need to be and in addition is your listing set up properly? This is something we can help you with.

Website Optimisation in Donegal

Your website can fulfill it’s potential for generating traffic and performing in the search results when a user types in a keyword. Keywords such as your business service in Donegal or whatever you are looking for. There are steps to take in getting achieving top results. Firstly we make sure a website is fast loading. Secondly we optimise the site pages, in a lot of cases companies may believe they have their sites set up properly only to find that this is not the case.