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Trust is essential in today’s world wide web. Get your website secured. 

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It is now essential for websites to have a secure connection.

In order to make the web a more secure place, Google and other browsers strongly recommend websites should have a secure connection. Visitors to websites are alerted to websites that fail to provide security. In addition a red line lock icon is displayed beside those websites that fail to provide a secure connection.

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Google and many others now strongly recommend that all websites should have a security certificate. As such, they give priority to those sites that do. A secured websites using SSL is also positive ranking signal with Google.

An unsecured website will impact heavily on your website both in terms of rank and position as well as decreased visitor traffic. Users who are warned by the browser of an unsecured connection are more likely to leave a website immediately.



Secure your website. Order An SSL Cert.

SSL and integration on your website is 139.

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Benefits of securing your website.

  1. Avoid being demoted in the search engines.
  2. Protect sensitive Information.
  3. Improve customer trust and increase loyalty.
  4. Websites with SSL ( https) is a positive ranking signal with Google.

Google's search engine also use SSL Certificates as a positive ranking signal.


The SSL order takes no more than two days to complete. The second phase is the integration of the security cert within the website. Typical time for completion and full integration is half a day. All paths within a website need to reflect the HTTPS in the source location.

Firesky routinely integrates SSL Certificates into websites as part of our services. Once the integration is complete you can expect to see a green lock icon beside your website address in your browser. The visible change will be reflected in your website URL which will change also changing from HTTP to HTTPS.

The term ‘SSL’ refers to two encryption protocols (SSL and TLS) used to secure communications on the world wide web. Web addresses specifying secure communication are easily identified as they begin with ‘https’ (Secure HTTP), rather than the unencrypted ‘http’. When a secure connection is established with a website, it is indicated by a green status indicator (or a lock symbol) in the web browser’s address bar.

Yes, once a website is secure all browser warnings tend to stop immedialtely. In addition there is no risk that the search engines will demote a website as a result of an unsecure connection.

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