The Online Trading Voucher For Ecommerce websites is not being fully utilised by Irish SME'S.

There is 2500 euro of a grant available, money that has been allocated by the EU to encourage online trading across the Union. Ireland gets a share of this and it’s in the interest of small business in Ireland to uptake on this opportunity to get funding for their online presence. This funding has been available initially for business start ups with a view to setting up an ecommerce website. However some of this funding can be allocated to marketing the business online outside of the ecommerce aspect.

How To Apply - LEO Office

You can apply through your local LEO office for the online trading voucher. There are some qualifying aspects to this, however more than 2000 Irish business have qualified for funding.


There Is A Critical Need For Small Irish Business To Take Advantage of The Online Trading Grant.

Only 23% of Irish business use the online trading voucher ( OTV ) in a meaningful way. 45% of Irish businesses do not have a website and 68% of those business who own a website don’t have a meaningful online payment setup.

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