6 Ways To Visually Optimise
Your Website For Better Results.

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6 Ways To Visually Improve Your Website


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It’s a fact that design sells. So improving your website visually will bring results. Good website design is about the effective use of visuals. Clean uncluttered design together with impactive visuals will help gain a loyal brand following.

1. Mobile Cards Work Better

Setting specific mobile cards for smartphone display means better design and more impact. Using a good aspect ratio not only fills the viewable fold it also allows for the user to see the next section to scroll to.

2. Be Smart With Text

Space paragraphs out is a smart move visually. Breaking up content into smaller paragraphs induces more takeup on engagement initially.

It also provides an easy to read style thereby creating a good user experience. You may have the best message in the world but if text layout is not designed centric your message can be lost. At most reducing the uptake on reading.

There is a methodology when it comes to structuring text. Typography and text layout done right increases message uptake and engagement. You have to bring the user in progressively.

It starts with an attention-grabbing headline that is succinct and to the point.

Next is to format your first paragraph with the sole purpose of bringing the user to the next paragraph. This should in most cases be the single goal of the first paragraph. Create interest and relevancy to the topic.

Visually realise that a paragraph consisting of even tens lines may look fine on desktop, however, on mobile this can extend to become a perceived amount of text. Which your user may not be ready for. No one likes to be confronted with reams of endless text initially.

The solution for this is to break up the text into four to six lines if possible. The result with this format thus creates space and a pleasing easy to read content. Besides, this avoids overwhelming the user with endless long reams of text.

3. Use Emotive Visuals

Emotive visuals work amazingly well. They enhance how people perceive your brand in a positive light. With people being so visual it’s a key aspect with user expectations. Gone are the days of generic and unreal images. After all you don’t want your website to look like it was designed in the nineties. People do know the difference.

Quality images don’t need to cost.  The good news is there are many free quality stock image sites.

Here are two free resources you may wish to explore: Unsplash  Pexels

If you wish to explore paid resources, these sites are quite good: Stocksy Adobe Stock

5. Keep It Simple

If your site looks cluttered without any logical structure then you need to look at restructuring the content. Keeping a website simple is a phrase used quite often. Keeping the website simple is really an aspiration to provide a clear guidance in terms of making it easy for website visitors to access and engage with whatever the brand message is.

Keep what is important. Expose your primary services and products on your home page. Don’t just rely on the top navigation to guide users to where they want to go. Set up visually designed grids with compelling visuals and call to action.

You can, of course, reach out to us, we can help you with your website. We are more than happy to! That is what we do for a living.

However, we want to provide tips and ideas that may help provide insights into basic easy to do ways to visually improve your website or eCommerce store.

6. Background Videos

Video hero units can create a dramatic impact. Add text overlay to strengthen a brand message. You may need help with this from a professional. However the results can be highly engaging and your message instantly understood.



Article written by Mike Kenneally. Share if you like this.

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