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We work with clients in Ireland, the UK, USA, & Europe. People hire a website manager. We can get you where you want to be.

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A complete & cost effective web management solution.

We know how to get your site performing and moving in the right direction. If you find your site has not reached its true potential then it may be due to how your site performs. We regularly work on all aspects to get your site performance high.

We look and implement improvements in areas such as is your mobile site displaying effectively? does it have a good user experience? does the layout design reflect credibility? is it accessible? is the site architecture set up correctly? is your site optimised in various key areas? All of these we can manage on your site. You also get professional add-ons that will also skyrocket your results and get your site finally going places.

Most business need a website manager sooner or later. The number one reason is that you get all the skills in one area to get your website moving in the right direction.

  • Website Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • System Upgrades
  •  24/7 Support
  • Layout and design
  • Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

Three package options to suit you.

Irish Website Management Studio | Maintenance Monthly | Content Web Manager For WordPress 1

Core Management

Ideal package on a budget

Irish Website Management Studio | Maintenance Monthly | Content Web Manager For WordPress 2

Plus Management

Full all round package

Irish Website Management Studio | Maintenance Monthly | Content Web Manager For WordPress 3


Hire a website manager

CORE package

The Core management delivers on all the basic essentials.

Core management will provide you with professional website management that includes, pages edited, images and site content. See below all that is included in the Core package.

  • Website upgrades
  • Regular site backup
  • Page request edits
  • Page layout & design
  • Content management
  • Adding & deleting images
  • Pro-Plugins
  • Free Hosting

Your website will be kept in good working order. We also ensure that your website performance is top notch which means better results overall. A higher performing website means faster loading times which your users will appreciate when accessing your website on mobile devices.

You also get pro-plugins that boost your website performance in multiple areas. Such as WP-Rocket and Elementor Pro.

We will help get your website climbing higher in the search engines and getting better click through rates. We do this with better page titles and descriptions in the Google serch results pages.

Three package options to suit you.

Plus package

Plus includes a comprehensive range of services and features.

Plus is a complete website management plan. It provides a broader range of management features and tasks. Plus this plan includes on page optimisation. With weekly interventions on your site whether it is making editing changes to the site content or adding new functions and features this all works effectively particularly with how the search engines view your website.

The Plus management package offers a complete all round solution. The following is included:

  • All the features of the Core package.
  • Onpage optimisation for better ranking in the seach engine results pages such as Google..
  • Google Analytics.
  • Google My Business Optimisation for local search.
  • Site Performance Tasks for increased results.
  • Visuals and graphic design.

BUSINESS package

This site package allows for a business to hire a professional where there is no requirement for bringing in a full-time in-house person to manage both the site and digital marketing.

With intensive engagement on your website weekly, you gain accelerated results in all the areas covered in this plan. This option can be taken out short term or on a regular basis. Once your goals are reached you can either decide to maintain or move to the business or core management plans.

This package is suitable as a website management plan with the primary focus on digital marketing. The aim is to generate results in multiple areas such as SEO, ranking in the search engines and writing original high-value content, and publishing to the site weekly. This plan can be used to gain a re-design of all or specific areas on a website.

The business package offers all the essentials in the Core and Plus with extra services and a dedicated weekly working schedule.

  • All of the Core and Plus features
  • Didital marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Brand identity
  • Landing pages
  • Click funnells
  • Google analytics
Laptop Representating GTMetrix Performance
12 Years Experience

12 years experience in managing WordPress websites.

In The Right Hands

Regular management means better results for your business. We know how to do this.

digital marketing studio
You Get Design Expertise

Bonus! Get website design with the our management packages.

seo specialist

Benefit from our expertise in digital marketing and promoting your website.

WordPress is the only website platform we manage. Because we are essentially a WordPress development agency this is our area of expertise.

You receive a confirmation and receipt for the transaction. We then send you a welcome email with a request for site access. We can also liaise over the phone with you on what areas of your site we can start working on.

Yes, you can have a website redesign when you take out the business management package.  One stipulation we do require is that the website management needs to be active for a period of at least two months for a mid-range website. For a website that has an extensive amount of website pages, we require a minimum of four months of activation.

This is understandable, we do understand that certain terms need elaboration on, so with SEO, this stands for search engine optimisation, which is the process for optimising a website to rank well in the search engines. You can learn more here about this service we provide plus helpful insights for Irish SME’S on SEO in a clear and unambiguous language you will comprehend. Gain more insights here on digital marketing.

On this page, the technical terms referenced explained here explained

You are not tied into a contract and can opt out at anytime no questions asked.

How your website displays and performs on mobile devices really matters in 2019. As a result, we continually work on the mobile aspect of your website using editing software designed for a seamless mobile display.  Mobile usability improvements do result in better search engine visibility and website traffic because of enhanced user experience. Another aspect to the website management that can be opted in for is site design improve. You will benefit from having your website evolve in terms of design with better layouts and more precise page display on mobile and tablet devices. And with 60% of users now accessing the internet via smartphone it’s good to know you can have this valuable and cost-effective aspect in the management.

Image optimisation works on two levels. Firstly, appropriately tagged imagery will promote better visibility in the search engines and is standard good practice on usability also. This means better SEO results in this area. 

Secondly, images are connected to site speed and this, in turn, is connected to ranking. When a page loads slowly or does not compare to your competition’s site performance then site positioning can be affected in the SERPS. Images need to be in the KB file size range typically 40 to 120 KB depending on the image dimensions. If your site has imagery that is named with a stack of numbers after the JPG prefix and comes in at 3 MB because they were uploaded directly from a smartphone then this would be a big negative signal on usability.

SERP stands for search engine results page, so this is the page that typically gets returned when a keyword is typed into the Google search box. Usually there are 10 listings of websites that are shown, along with local map listings and ads.

Search engine optimisation is a series of website interventions both on and off with the aim to increase website ranking and positioning. 

There are times when your site needs a redesign in certain areas. This is another valuable aspect to the website management. In essence, you get free website design to your pages over time as your site evolves.


The benefits for you are immediate. As soon as you are on board with us we will start working on your site by doing analysis on the areas to improve.

With regular site improvement, we will get you to where you want to be. You instantly gain from our expertise in all areas so by having us in your corner you gain with a digital smart partner in your corner. We will improve your site on a regular basis in multiple areas, based on our recommendations to you. You can count on us for support and advice 24/7 when you need.

We will know from experience what your industry type may need and the areas to make regular improvements on. Remember when your site performs at it’s optimal best you can gain significantly in the search engines.

Try us out, remember you can always opt out anytime you wish.

Website management explained – read more here

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