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Flexible Options To Suit Your Objectives

Professional Shopify management with flexible plans to meet your online objective. Because running an online shop is multi-faceted, it makes sense to have a professional who will make key areas work for you to ultimately deliver the results that you expect.

Visual Expectations

Design plays a pivotal role in how users perceive your brand and with people being so visual these days, due in part to social media influences from Instagram and Pinterest, it becomes a necessity to bring a design ethos to your store also.

With the right design strategy implemented on your store will make for a significant difference in the overall user experience. It’s all about providing visuals that are designed to connect with your audience on an emotive level.


As part of the Shopify management, we can help evolve the visual side in several areas, home page layout, visual navigation, brand identity and much more.

In a competitive environment making the right choices can make the difference.

Design Elements

A key aspect to evolving your store is brand design. You get high quality visual design elements created for you and placed on your store.

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Marketing Your Online Shop

We will help you with your marketing aspirations in multiple areas.

Online Store SEO

Optimising your website content inline with your target audience so that your shop shows up in search. Keywords and phrases your customers are actively searching for do better with the right optimisation strategy.

The ethos adapted is all about gaining traction first, so whether this is low volume or mid-range keyword targeting, it can prove more productive to get results back using this approach, rather than looking to establish a top position for highly competitive keywords that may put you in a place where no one sees your store.

However, once your store gains traction and starts to rank then primary keywords can be targeted with realistic expectations.

Creating Value & User Engagement

As part of the Shopify management, we also help to increase the value of your stores content. Blog posts are an excellent way to keep your website visitors engaged. Stories that connect with your brand and resonate with the reader means increased dwell time, social share and overall enhanced user engagement.

Shopify Management Pricing

Managing your Shopify website starts at 75 euro per month, this includes general store management. For a more marketing focused approach there are three packages available , Shopify Lite, Business and Plus.


EUR 75 Per Month

Shopify Management Base

  • App Integration
  • Page Optimisation
  • Keywords & Analysis
  • Web Design & Layout
  • Issue Fixing
  • Post & Page Design
  • General Store Management

This package is an ideal solution for general Shopify management.


EUR 35 Per Week

Shopify Lite

  • App Integration
  • Page Optimisation
  • SEO
  • Keywords & Analysis
  • Web Design & Layout
  • Issue Fixing
  • Post & Page Design
  • General Store Management

This package has a balance between general Shopify management and SEO. A good all rounder on a budget.


EUR 65 Per Week

Shopify Business

  • Accelerated SEO & Marketing
  • Brand Evolution
  • Graphic Design & Promotions
  • Blog Marketing

This package has more of a focus on marketing, SEO and brand evolution. Perfect mid range solution to suit your online business.


EUR 95 Per Week

Shopify Plus

This package has a comprehensive range of advanced features for your marketing and includes everything in the Shopify Business package.

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What Does A Shopify Website Manager Do?

A website manager brings in expertise and hands on interventions on the store. Regular work is done either daily or weekly with the aim of improving all areas or requested sections withinon the website.

A full professional work activity includes the following:

  • Product optimisation
  • Page SEO
  • Image optimisation
  • Mobile layouts
  • Requested work
  • Analytics
  • Conversion improvements

Why Hire A Website Manager?

A website manager will know make the difference in many areas of your Shopify store.

  • App Integration
  • Custom Store Design
  • New Page Creation
  • SEO
  • OnPage Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Landing Pages

Ignite your branding, engage more customers and unlock your profit potential.

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