Shopify Features

Features You Will Love.

Features we can deliver for you to help increase sales and conversions for your online store.

Instant Search

Instant auto search. A great user experience feature.

A valuable aspect that contributes to good user experience is an auto search. Extend search function on mobile and desktop with auto-suggest product dropdowns.

How it plays out? The user can search instantly on mobile without having to go through the website. Its another great user experience option. Once the user starts to physically type in a product search a display predicting the search gets displayed in a smooth drop-down style.

Sales Channels

Increase sales with Facebook and Instagram sales channels on Shopify.

Seamlessly setup in Shopify having two more additional avenues of income apart from Shopify is an exceptional feature.

Here is how it works. Once connected to Facebook and or Instagram you simply need to add a product in Shopify for this to appear automaticlly on your social media shop.

Up until the point of purchase Facebook and Instagram users can browse your stores products and then decide to purchase.One of the best Shopify features we think.

Fast For You & Your Customers

With Shopify you get a fast front end store for your customers plus a fast admin for yourself.

Unlike WordPress which is invariably slow on the admin due to the fact that WordPress is hosted on a shared hosting platform typically.

Shopify on the other hand is hosted in Googles Cloud server. This plus the fast nature of Shopify ensures quick loading times.

Email Marketing

One of the latest Shopify features now includes a seamless email marketing system. Store owners using Shopify can send out beautiful newsletters out to their subscriber base.

Through the Shopify admin you can create beautiful newsletters and send out to your subscriber base. Another great tool for marketing your business products.

Blogging Is Excellent with Shopify

Create engaging stories and posts .

Shopify comes with a blog section so you can create enagaging and beautiful posts. Market your content worldwide.

Visual Navigation

Visually orientated to navigation menus drop dowm smoothly.

Increase navigation intuitively with visual wide-menu drop downs. This also facilitates a better user experience by having images, promotions and selected product images appear in the top navigation menu.

Rich Product Pages

Feature rich product detail pages.

Packed with feature rich functions to increase upsells.

  • Variant images
  • Colour swatches
  • Hurry up timers
  • Upsell by visitor
  • Trust seal
  • Shipping information
  • Pre-order features
  • Add to wish list
  • Social share

Add To Cart Sticky

Sticky add to cart feature on mobile.

Sticky to cart button appears and stays in an unobtrusive way in front of your customer.


Easy to assimilate grid based displays of your stores stats.

With your dashboard easily see key stats on whatever timeline you wish. All displayed with visual interactive charts.

Stats displayed include:

  • Returning customer rate
  • Store sessions by device
  • Location of visitors
  • Sales by traffic source
  • Top landing pages
  • Top referring sites
  • Best selling products
  • Conversion rates
  • Average order value

and much more.

Quick View

Quick View Product Pop Up Mode.

Quick view product view mode enhances the user experience. Customers can see additional details on a product without having to land on the product page itself.

This ensures a fast browsing experience. Each quick view mode has feature rich elements such as add to add, wish list, compare, product gallery and much more.