Conscious Of Design?

Brand Design Sells

It’s a fact design sells. We can create a distinct visual identity  of how your brand is perceived.


We focus on creating a feel, that your customers get when they arrive on your Shopify store. With a distinct look and feel based on using good design principles and elements such typography, specific colour palettes, use of space, balance and much more. You get a unique visual message as a result of good design and creative input from us.

Let’s talk about design. You may have a website that you have seen that inspires you or you may have specific page design you want to be created. We can do. The first thing we look at is your Shopify store framework or theme to see if it has all the right functions to support any new page design.

If you are a Shopify owner that is conscious of design, then you have come to the right place.

Shopify Design Agency

Applying great design makes your brand more compelling. You need a Shopify website with great design. This is where we come in. As a Shopify design agency, you will find us very easy to work with an excellent design first ethos.

With Shopify all of the functions are there already with plenty of apps to support and future function you may require. We can do both. Set up your website and create a great website design to match any of the top brands in the world. All at a realistic development fee.

We Are Shopify Partners

Featured Store Rebrand

A showcase for Ekotree’s new Shopify store rebranded.

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