Search Engine Optimisation


A range of ethical and user centric interventions to bring about positive results in the search engines.

Group Of People

Content Writing

Writing for SEO, page structure, content writing consultation.

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Search Engine Optimisation


Google My Business, local search, schema, aquiring natural links through high value content.


On Page SEO

Onpage seo, title & meta description, keyword targeting, CTR, analysis, modules.

Website Activities


Same as schema, performance and speed optimisation, testing  reports, analyses of website structure.



Competitor analyses, keyword analysis, topic research, reports, insights, guidance.

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Marketing Insights


Traffic analysis, market expore, traffic rank.

Gap Analysis


Keyword, backlink and bulk analyses.

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Domain Analysis


Organic research, backlinks, advertising reasearch.

Onpage Optimisation

In 2019 how your page content is structured plays a major role in how your site is going to rank. We identify, make suggestions and in most cases directly implement onpage seo. The UX and value of the page content is one of the primary areas of focus that we look to improve upon.

The areas we work on are LSI keywords, content structure and quality, optimised title tags for click-through rate. Boosting CTR with proven strategies. Link structure both internal and external linking factors. We work on page speed and improve underperforming pages in terms of speed. We look to get you an A Grade score for your site in GTMetrix.

With the on page interventions, we work with Google Search Console. Looking at impressions versus CTR data. Reoptimising page titles and meta-description for underperforming pages. Other on-page SEO factors we work on are, triggers and keyword phrases, effective page content structure for scanning, readability metrics and voice search optimisation and keyword research.

CTR - Click Through Rate

Improvements on your listing in Google's search results page will result in higher positioning. Provided your optimised listing is click worthy as opposed to click baiting.

If you can’t get people to click through to your site then you can’t get any website traffic. Even if your page has great content and has what the user is looking for, if your CTR is low, then you are not going to get the amount of traffic going to your site. We work on the click-through rates versus impressions served in the SERPS. This means working not just on a compelling and richer description, we look at the source content to make sure that what the listing promises full fills the users needs as much as possible. Here are the steps we take to improve your CTR.

1. The first step is to improve the source content. We will identify and then make recommendations when the source content needs to be improved.
2. The second step is to make your titles more compelling in order to attract more clicks and stand out.
3. The third step we take is to optimise the listing description.
4. We add schema markup to your listing. Additional information below your listing such as review stars featured image and more relevant content that accurately tells the user what the intent is about.
5. Analysis of the parent keyword in the listing so that the title covers a broader reach.


We implement schema to your website.

Schema provides additional information to the user when your website is listed in Google’s search engine results page. Schema is essentially code that is inserted on a website so that search engines can process the data. It is a way to tell the search engine very accurately what a particular page is about, as opposed to just saying, which is typically done through the page’s content.

Schema is very important not just for telling the user and the search engine what your site pages are about it also impacts on voice search. Voice search is going to play a significant role in the future especially with mobile apps such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home.

Site Speed. Faster Sites Create Happy Users.

53% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Page load time is important and ranking signal in Google.

Website speed helps to enhance the user experience especially on mobile where bandwidth is not as high as desktop devices. Speed improvements to your site play a role in ranking. Learn more here make the web faster.

Fact 73% of mobile users encounter slow loading pages. 52% of online shoppers admitted that a fast page load is important to their site loyalty. Gain more on page speed here Page speed insights.


Both UX and UI design are interlinked and play a significant role in SEO.

SEO design is essentially about improving on UX and UI design with the aim of improving bounce rate metrics, share value, accessibility on mobile, dwell time and conversion rates. Design is interlinked yet many SEO experts do not address this. The act of doing on page SEO is an act of design. For example, making improvements on, let’s say, easy to consume content, this requires design. How the content is structured? Is readability high? Can the content be fully accessible on small screens? Does the content require design elements and effective visuals? Do the visuals support the brand message? and so on. All of these require design improvements.

If you think your site design is holding you back and wish to send us your website we can take a quick look at and send you some insights for free.

website structure

Website Structure

How your website is structured has a bearing on your SEO results. If you’re starting a completely new website you’re in a perfect position to plan or have a web designer develop out site structure for the best SEO possible.

Website structure will do an analysis of the site. look at the page structure and other variables. We then make recommendations when these need improving on. How your website is structured, what type of framework underpinning the site and how the site architecture is set up have a bearing on your SEO results. 

However with an existing site then the structure can be put in place depending on the core framework itself. If the core framework needs to be upgraded to a higher performing one, we do recommend this before doing site structure work. We will do work on the site architecture, navigation, hierarchy and URL structure provided the core framework underpinning the site performs.

Rich High Value Content

Get ranking higher with in depth content that is super thorough. We analysis page content with respect to seo and then make suggestions with the aim of making your content super thorough and in-depth.

We implement keywords and phrases that flow naturally and at the same time fulfil the educational aspect for the end user. We look to help create or improve an existing page so that it becomes the best resource and give the most helpful answer for your topic.

  • Super thorough content.
  • Google search console keyword and impressions analysis.
  • Optimised question-based queries.
  • Page link structure both external and internal.

Keyword Analysis

We do keyword analysis along with identifying long tailed search queries for your chosen topic.

We don’t use keyword tools as we find there are gross inaccuracies between the various keyword software. We use a common sense approach and look at areas such as Latent Semantic Indexing, suggested search terms and question-based search terms.

WordPress SEO

WordPress Onpage Search Engine Optimisation

We are primarily a WordPress development company and so we have the expertise in knowing how to get WordPress based ranking better. One myth to bust is the idea that an SEO plugin will do the SEO for you! There is no silver bullet for a ranking using a plugin. At best SEO plugins really only help with assigning title tags and meta description. We can tell you that looking to get all the lights green using an SEO plugin really has no significant ranking ability. Here are some of the areas within the WordPress site we routinely work on.

  • Link building
  • Site Maps
  • Page load time
  • Image optimisation
  • Server-side script
  • Caching
  • Https
  • Site design & structure
  • File compression
  • CSS & javascript minification
  • Page speed optimisation

External Backlinks

External backlinks play a role in ranking. Gaining backlinks should be a natural process as a result of high quality content.

We will add your site to certain directories relevant to your industry type. We can also optimise your site with backlinks from locally based platforms such as Google My Business. In a lot of cases, Google My Business is not properly optimised to maximise on local search. We also work on local SEO through your website identifying key areas overlooked and improving existing SEO.

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Our SEO Services For Local Search

We optimise your website to show up for local search. Fact 46 % of all search is local.

Local search carries a lot of traffic and so we take steps both on the page and off the page to improve your local search results. We can help you gain visibility in local search following these steps.

Step1. We set up with Google My Business.

Step 2. We get your website verified in Google My Business listing.

Step 3. We optimise your Google My Business listing with tags, descriptions and relevant posts for your services and products.

Step 4. Inclusion of your business in relevant web directories for your locality, again relevant to your industry type.

Step 5. We identify gap opportunities in local search that you can exploit.

SEO Pricing

A lot of questions come through on SEO pricing. Here we answer how we charge for the work and time when you hire us.

Currently, we apply fees on a weekly basis and this reflects the time interval in terms of active intervention on a website. Is SEO worth paying for? Absolutely, you are investing in your website with the expectations of gaining short term and long term benefits.


Regularly published articles on SEO.

What Happens When You Hire Us?

Step by step process explained.

 The first stage is a consultation where we listen to your expectations and goals. We look to find out who is your target audience? (Age, gender, education level, etc.) What is your target area? Who are your main competitors? and more. Once we have the information needed and given you insights into what you can expect in terms of results we then look to do an analysis.

Analysis Consultating

We look at your expectations versus the budget you are looking to use for ongoing SEO.

We do an analysis of your current status in the SERPS and all other aspects in relation to your website to determine the most effective approach.

Boost Traffic

We start to work the first week of the agreed strategy with ongoing interventions weekly.

Q & A

SEO prices are going to vary per month from the company offering SEO services, how much time is going to be involved, the competitive nature of the looked for keyword. Companies can charge 200 to 2000 per month. In nearly all cases the price is dictated by the level of expertise, intensity and frequency of intervention.

  • Identify keywords.
  • Broaden your keyword reach with parent keywords.
  • Use LSI as a reference on your topic.
  • Address question-based search queries.
  • Look for the search intent and plan to write around this.
  • Optimise your content and page.
  • Publish.

SEO is intervention with the aim of getting your website to rank better in the SERPS (search engine results page). There are 200 plus ranking signals and we look at many of these initiatives in evaluating where your site is at.

Learn more on Hiring an SEO expert

Digital marketing and SEO are interlinked though they have different aims. Are you looking to rank better? or spread your reach wider? Do you need digital market or SEO? There is a distinction between getting more web traffic and getting onto page one in Google. Spreading your digital footprint wide with a well-executed strategy can result in higher traffic coming through the site even without being at the very top position. So by adopting this strategy, you gain a wider ability to get more visitors to your site, in a lesser time frame while still looking for the top position on the most competitive keywords.

GTMetrix is the recognised source for testing page speed and performance

We provide SEO throughout Ireland, mainly because of how we are set up to be seen, however, if a company or business person wants to hire us from Northern Ireland or the UK we would take on certain projects based on feasibility.

Getting to page one depends on a number of factors. You can gain valuable insights into this here – Getting on to page one in the search engine listings.

You can learn more here on SEO terminology, this will give you more insight into the process.

  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Disavowing damaging links
  • Website optimisation
  • Schema markup
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Analysis of the site framework
  • Meta elements
  • Error checks
  • Image optimisation
  • Click through rate
  • Voice search
  • Local search
  • Social signals
  • Content quality
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