Getting On Top

There is a distinction between the perception about coming out on top in the search engines and getting more web traffic. Yes there is obviously a great deal to be gained from gaining top spot in the SERPS for your chosen keywords. However spreading your digital foot print wide with a well executed strategy can result in high traffic coming into the site even without being at the very top position. So by adapting this strategy you gain a wider ability to get more visitors to your site in a lesser time frame while still looking for top position on the most competitive keywords.

SEO Strategy

Of course we provide SEO services for both direct route SEO  for keywords based on value and traffic volume. As alluded to, in the previous paragraph we look to encompass a strategy of expanding your digital foot print so that you ultimately benefit from both the direct approach and a secondary wider ranging action sooner.

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What Does An SEO Company DO?

SEO is about getting professional intervention with the aim of getting a website to increase ranking in the SERPS. There are 200 plus ranking signals. Some of the areas worked on by us for 2018 and this will be the same for 2019. Our Search Engine Optimisation consists of the following. Onpage optimisation, SSL, site speed, mobile search and mobile ux/ui design, content structure and how it is written. Schema markup, competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, CTR, images optimisation, social signals and local search are just some of the factors we work on.

SEO Services Included When You Sign Up

  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Disavowing damaging links
  • Website optimisation
  • Schema markup
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Analysis of the site framework for efficiency of coding
  • Meta elements
  • Error checks
  • Image optimisation
  • Click through rate
  • voice search
  • Local search
  • Social signals
  • Content quality