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Photography studio based in Galway. Professional photography. Portraits, food, landscape, commercial photography.


You see it every day it has a major impact on your life – a compelling force – acting on how you buy and what you buy. But do businesses consider the importance of photography to brand building. All of us live in a busy lifestlye and are continously exposed to visual messaging. So consequently people have shorter attention tolerances for all of this. Your visual message it’s emotive influence and impact can be the primary driver in many instances and does – when done well. The visual appeal and emotive connection is an absolute essential in reflecting your brand promise.


Our photographic services include food, fashion, product, brand and commercial photography. We have post production and colour grading  services in our studio in Galway. We also do image optimisation for the web. In most cases we can go out and shoot on location. For food photgraphy we can either set up styling props to bring with us on location or we can do in house. Call our Galway studio number on 091 388875 for any enquiries you may have.


Food photography is fast becoming very popular. Particularly savy hotels, restaurants who know that getting good food photography will increase sales. Food photographed done well can be highly emotive. Firesky have many the experience and expertise in shooting and styling food.

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We have the best lens and eqiupment to shoot commercial photography. Whether that is a commercial unit, exterior or interior photoshoot we can do.
Rates per full day are 400 euro includes up to 1-40 post produced high quality images for print and digital marketing.
Rates for half day are 260 euro includes up to 1-22 post produced high quality images for print and digital marketing.
Please note prices are per day or half day. For post produced images above 40 images a flexible arrangement can be agreed.

Photography Studio

Food photography . commercial . fashion shoots . products . We can provide a professional photographer to travel anywhere in Ireland


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