No one likes a slow website

We improve website speeds. You get multiple benefits as a result.

We can improve your website performance significantly. This means you get better results with your clients and in the search engines. Superfast websites also support voice search.

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Reasons Why Website Speed Matters


Better SEO results

Faster websites do better in the search engines. Slow websites get penalised by the search engines.


Reduces Bounce Rate

Faster websites reduce user frustration and bounce rates. Fast websites increase dwell time and conversions.


Brand Perception

Fast loads speeds reflect well on the brand perception of a business website.


Voice Search

Speed is a key factor with voice search queries. Search engines serve up question based voice search from websites that won’t produce slow latency.


Test website speed

Test Your Website Speed

Not sure how fast your website is? Test your website below in Google's Page Speed Insights ro GTMetrix.

You can test your website in GTMetrix and Google’s Page Speed Insights. View Our Page Speed Results In Google’s Page Speed Insights

Test Your Website - Google Page Speed Insights

Quickly Test Your Website Performance -GTMetrix


Creative Websites + Speed Optimised = Winning Formula

Let us build your next website and make your online business look good. Couple this with our speed optimisation service and you have a winning formula for starting out right.

Cloud hosting


Managed Cloud Hosting For Your Business

We can help your business get better results on loading times by migrating your business website to cloud based hosting.

Firesky provide fast, secure and reliable website hosting. With data servers in Ireland and internationally, no matter where your website is being viewed from,  your website will give your prospective customers super fast loading times and an enhanced user experience.