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Why Website Speed Matters?

Website speed is now a more important factor than ever before. It supports almost everything that underpins a website’s prospects for success online.

It’s a fact that a one sec delay in page speed results in:

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversions

Website speed impacts on voice search, usability, brand perception, engagement and ultimately how a website ranks in the search engines. According to Google, best practice is three seconds. Unfortunately, according to its recent benchmark report findings, most sites are nowhere near that.

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How fast is your website?

Test your website speed in seconds.

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Speed & voice Search

Website speed supports voice search which is now a staggering 27% of the global mobile search.

Relevancy of content to the voice search query is a key factor however along side this is speed. Search engines want to deliver the user the best available results for a given search. Part of the equation in evaluating which websites to return is speed. Especially for mobile where band width could be limited the fastest websites will perform better. Users won't with for a website to load if the time taken is not inline with their expectations.

Voice search

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Has your website under performed and not delivered the results your expected?

There may be several reasons for a poor performing website. A key factor that plays a role for optimal results is page speed.

Poor performance will have an inevitable knock on effect in many areas. Low ranking, usability, voice search and negative brand perception are just a few of the areas that can be affected. There is a way to check your website performance quickly and easily.,be>You can simply check your page speed results in Google's Page Speed Insights. You can quickly find out how where your website is at in terms of speed. Go to Page Speed Insights now and discover your website speed by entering your website URL and pressing the analyze button.


Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

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High Usability

Fast loading times and user engagement are bound together and integral to usability.


Reduces Bounce Rate

Faster websites reduce user frustration and bounce rates. Fast websites increase dwell time and conversions.


Brand Perception

Fast loads speeds reflect well on the brand perception of a business website.


Voice Search

Speed is a key factor with voice search queries. Search engines serve up question based voice search from websites that won’t produce slow latency.


Better SEO results

Faster websites do better in the search engines. Slow websites get penalised by the search engines.

Cloud hosting


Cloud Hosting Helps Speed

We can help your business get better results on loading times by migrating your business website to cloud based hosting. Firesky provide fast, secure and reliable website hosting. With data servers in Ireland and internationally, no matter where your website is being viewed from,  your website will give your prospective customers super fast loading times and an enhanced user experience.