Speed is a ranking factor.

Speed & performance are integral to a website. It’s so integral that Google has made this part of their ranking.

Why Website Performance Matters

Website performance impacts on multiple areas for your online business.

No matter how good your content is to the user of your website if there are significant performance issues this results in a knock-on effect.

Slow-loading websites increase the bounce rate of your website. The higher the bounce rate due to user frustration and slow loading times will affect your online business negatively.

The aim of any website is to deliver content, services or products to the user effectively. When poor performance interferes with the acquisition of these, the consequences can be damaging.

Ultimately negative signals assimilated by the search engines result in loss of leads and rank in the SERPS.

Many aspects can be affected as a result of poor performance, including dwell time, bounce rate, conversion ratio and overall usability.

We can improve your website performance results significantly. One of the first aspects we do is to carry out a performance test of your website. You can do this for yourself by inputting your website address here in GTMetrix.

All the data coming back may not immediately make sense to a business website owner. When this is the case, send us your website report, we can help you gain a double AA grade score on performance.

Here is an example GTMetrix test results for this page.