Growth of mobile voice search is going to change the way people search. With voice search now a reality, search by audio is going to be more question based and with longer sentences.

Being optimised for longer search queries and questions, lots more questions. How to get voice search on my website? Firstly, you need a mobile responsive website that is also fast. Secondly create FAQ style content will be answers the who, what, where, how and when. Take the words how and where and apply to a question based search query. Where would be a better word to optimise as it shows intent. So for example how can I get make Traditional Irish food as opposed to where can I get Traditional Irish food.

With voice search most if this is going to be local. The question is are you going to adapt to voice search. By doing so now you will be ahead of the curve.



By 2020 voice search will account for fifty percent of search queries. Already now it’s very prevalent among mobile users.

Comscore predicts that by 2020 fifty percent of search queries will be conducted using voice search.

Examples of voice search for us based on LSI keywords would be for instance, I am looking for the best SEO Company in Ireland? Who are the best SEO companies in Ireland? Who are the best SEO companies in Ireland? How can I find the best  SEO Agency in Dublin? So by answering the who, what, where, how and when in voice search you increase your chances of being returned on mobile auditory search using an app like SIRI. Depending on your business service whether it is a service, product or information based, the what and the where etc. will carry different weight in terms of primary focus and relevance. So this must be though through along side keyword phrasing analysis.


Optimise for voice search