Magento Web Development Company

Firesy is an experienced Magento web development company based in Ireland. We integrate and develop the Magento Open Source Platform. Magento is used by large companies including Nike, Nespresso, Olympus, Ford, Samsung. Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that is highly customisable.

Is Magento the right e-commerce platform for your business? Do you have complex shipping and fulfillment requirements? Do you need to integrate with in-house inventory solutions?  Magento maybe your best solution.

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Magento Integration & Design

What we do at the start, is to integrate Magento Open Source to your hosting platform along with the responsive design framework. Once the platform is in place we create and develop the page design for your brand along with promotions, visuals and sales sections on the front page.

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Training & Support

As a Magento web development company to get you going we provide both initial training for your new online shop. Ongoing support we also provide in our web management plan. Training your employees on how to manage simple and variable products, tax classes, shipping and other attributes, processing orders and invoicing.

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