I need a website designer to build my website. Tips on how to find, evaluate and hire the right professional for your project.

You can find a wesite designer for to create your website online using the search engine Google and Google My Business. But how to find the right designer that is going to do a professioal website and at a cost that is fair. You may also want to know the quality of the work in terms of design and brand identity that the professional has done. Other considerations will involve you accessing how skilled he or she is in the website project as a whole,  These would be

  1. Profesional design & layout skills
  2. Page optimistaion skill
  3. Brand creation ability
  4. Reviews form clients
  5. Portfolio of work examples
  6. Friendly and passionate about his or her work
  7. Website Pricing and value

Tip 1. Check out the design and layout ability.

More and more people are becoming visually aware and how important this area is to a website brand apeal.  You only need to look at the popularity of site like Instagram and Pinterest to see how people enjoy and share visuals. So be aware of good design and layout when accessing the website designers portfolio. Plus the best way to judge good website design is by the designer’s own page. If this looks good it is a key indicator on the design awareness of that person.

Tip 2. Check out how good the adaptive website design is on mobile and tablet.

By viewing a web designers work on mobile devices you gain an insight into how thourough a professional will be. Website design is a three fold process these days. Good mobile, tablet and desktop display means the designer has gone into deatils during the development process and so you can guage from this the attention to detail he or she is going to create.

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Anyone with a bit of experience can say they are web designers, but what exactly is a web designers role and what should you expect?

If to talk about a web dsigners role and skill set he or she can have different levels of ability. The best website designer is a professional who has design ability, knows how to translate the business model with clear brand messaging on a page. A good website designer will also know how to come up with ideas and strategy that will contribute to the business success online.

Why a website designer near me is not always the best option?

Google My Business isan excellent way to find a designer who has good reviews and is obviously going to be near at hand should you need to meet face to face on the website design or in the future on website management. However just because the web designer in nearby to your business does not mean that this person is the right professional to create the website you expect, The key to knowing how to get the best designer is in being aware of the what is needed. With a little bit of insight here we hope you can check these essentials before hiring. So what is iportant in a website designer deliverable and for your business success in the future.

Here is a check list to go by:

1. Knowledge of digital marketing
2. Aftercare support and training on using the site
3. Does he or she offer website management
4. Overall and proven ability on a website performance
5. Knowledge on how to translate compelling brand messaging
6. Brand identity creation skilss
7. Using Analytics and Adwords shoudl you need to advertise
8. Using WordPress as the platform is very effective
9. Delivering an intutive easy to use website editor

Looking further a field.

Outside of the local area you are always free to look further a field and there are a few international sources if you need a website designer to build a website. such as https://www.guru.com/

Most website are progressed either by phone call or email in terms of information provided, on site process and communications. So to this extent hiring from abroad can be an option and in many cases the spend can be cheaper,

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Top 10 questions to know to ask when you need a website designer

You are going to need to ask some essentials questions so you can make the best decision on hiring a website designer. Here are 10 keys questions that will make life easier for you.

1. Is there ongoing support?
2. Are there extra charges?
3. Do you do hosting and domain registration?
4 Can I see some testimonials.
5 Can you promote my site now or in the future if I need? Can you show me examples?
6. Can I see website performance results?
7. Are there any aspects I should know more about now and in the future?
8 . Do you have examples of websites as they display on mobile?
9. Can I see some case studies of your website work?
10. Can I see some examples of your work portfolio?

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