All About Shopify

Shopify lets you sell in multiple places. 

Shopify is the perfect platform for anyone looking to start or grow their eCommerce business.  You can sell in multiple places, including on your website, mobile phone, in person, and on popular marketplaces and social media sites. 


Overall, the cloud-based platform is used by 600,000 businesses in 175 countries.

Big names such as Red Bull, Nestlé and Tesla Motors are selling through Shopify. If you had any doubt on Shopify’s credentials, just take in these mind-blowing statistics for a moment.

Shopify a truly future proof platform.



Shopify is fast. This is because of hosting on Googles Cloud Server. On the front end, customers get a fast response on all devices even if only using 3G. On the backend in the admin panel, response times are excellent.

Analytics is intuitive

Easy to use instore analytics provides valuable feedback on sales volume, conversion rates, average order value, top products sold, referring locations and countries.

Sales by social media traffic, direct marketing and search are all accounted for with this powerful built-in analytics system. 

Built-in analytics dashboard allows you to see multiple aspects on your store’s performance and marketing data. Easy to view visual graph data with links to more info from each grid.

  • See where your customer and visitors are coming from.
  • Sales by traffic with a breakdown of data on the amount of direct traffic.
  • Sales by email, social media and search.
  • The number of online sessions and returning customer rates.

Credit Card Payments & Pricing

Rates per transaction and the monthly cost for hosting with Shopify.
Linking up to a payment gateway is a seamless process when using Shopify payments. Want to know about rates? 

The App Store

No matter what you may want, now or in the future, there is an app for practically any function you may need. Supported by thousands of accredited third-party developers there is a global community of IT developer companies creating apps that work within Shopify. The App Store makes Shopify a truly future proof platform. Choose from hundreds of free and paid apps to gain almost any function you may want.