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I am a freelance website designer. Hire me to build you a website.

My skills: Include WordPress, Shopify, UI/UX Design, SEO, Graphic Design and Marketing.


Freelance Web Designer Dublin

I am Michael Christopher and I have twelve years experience in freelance web design building websites.

 I work with clients in Dublin as well as nationally in Ireland across the country. My skill sets are

  • WordPress Website Design
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Shopify Development |& Design
  • Graphic & Brand Design
  • Content Writing

I develop business websites for small to medium-sized companies in Dublin and around the country in Ireland. Freelance web designers are in high demand particularly if the skillset is there as this saves on the project cost.

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Process + Insights:

Some insights on how I work , progress and approach.

Connecting over the phone is an essential step in understanding and agreeing upon what my clients' goals are for their project. After establishing our parameters, communication primarily switches to email – making Dropbox a convenient tool for sharing everything from visuals to content that need approval along the way. I take pride in bringing customers into each stage of development by sending them live previews as we build towards completion together!

Working without the distractions of a meetup is becoming more and more common, especially because phone calls are often clearer than ever before.

Though physical meetings with clients do still occur on occasion, I'm able to serve all major Irish cities - Dublin? Check! Cork or Limerick? Both got it covered! And don't worry Galway-ites; there's plenty of freelance work for you too!

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The Crossings website design Dublin

Building a website can be a daunting task, with no one-size-fits-all solution in terms of timeline. Depending on the complexity of the site, building a website could take anywhere from two to three weeks. A simple one-page site might take me an experienced freelance web designer less than one day to complete, while more complex sites such as e-commerce stores or small business websites could take weeks or even months. Ensuring that all site elements are up to speed with web standards, SEO best practices and overall user experience takes time and effort, so in my work progress is important to understand the specific timeline for any given project.

General FAQ:

Some insightful Q&A around my freelance web designer work, day and pricing.

I have read several accounts on costs and to be honest, pricing does vary according to what article is being read. On top of this pricing, projects can be flexible depending on the client developer agreement. 

Also, the cost of a website build really depends on the variables involved. Is the site going to be 5 pages or 20 pages, are there digital marketing requirements in the scope, will it be eCommerce based which generally means a higher fee.

Pricing for a website can be 50% less than that being charged for by established agencies with large teams.

When it comes to freelance web design, I'm confident that I bring a unique mix of skills and experience which would make me an excellent choice as a freelance web designer.

My background in design and technology has given me the insight needed to truly understand the nuances involved in web design, as well as a foundation for website development. I'm highly organised and detail-oriented when it comes to project management, allowing me to plan even intricate projects with confidence. And perhaps most importantly, I'm passionate about my work and strive to create the best result possible in the most efficient manner possible.

I believe that these combined qualities are why I am a great fit for your project and will provide quality results.


I am reasonable and you can use my website cost calculator on this page as a guideline on my freelance web designer fee. 

Freelance web designers are in high demand particularly if the skillset is there as this saves on the project cost. Hiring a freelance web designer to create your website is an excellent way to make sure that you get the best possible design for your business. By using the services of a freelancer, you can be assured that the job will be completed efficiently and accurately and according to your desired specifications.

The flexibility that a freelance web designer offers also ensures you have complete control over the design process so that you can ensure that it matches the vision you have in mind for your business website. Furthermore, cost-effectiveness is another benefit of working with a freelance web designer; they typically charge much less than larger organizations or agencies, resulting in significant savings for your business.


Whether it's a bold dream or a manageable task you're looking to tackle, I want to hear about it!

Contact me

Woodstock, Ennis, Clare, Ireland.

Mon/Fri: 10am – 5.00pm

Email support – until 7 pm Mon – Thursday
Sat: 10 am – 1 pm


Landline: 065 67 00917

My Simple Freelance Web Designer Cost Calculator

Price calculator for a simple one, three and five page website based on WordPress

Simple one page website price
Simple three page website price
Simple five page website price
Mobile version optimised
Custom contact form
SEO optimised
Free image sourcing
WordPress setup on external hosting provider
Slider on home page
Testimonial carousel
euro 0

My eCommerce Cost Calculator

Price calculator for a website based on Shopify

eCommerce Website
Initial product setup 10
Initial product setup 20
Facebook sales channel
Instagram sales channel
App install and configuration
Product SEO
Mood boards
Add special cart message
Per product description content writer
Instagram feed
Domain hook up DNS
Migration from WordPress
Per blog article content writer
Per product variables
Built in Shopify newsletter setup
Delivery rates setup
Per page creation
Custom page template creation
Custom landing page template creation
euro 0

My typical work day as a freelance web designer

I could never have imagined myself as a freelance web designer, yet here I am! Every morning I wake up and start my day with a cup of coffee. The caffeine helps to jumpstart my creativity and keeps me focused through the day.

My typical workday as a freelance web designer started off with answering emails from clients who wanted help on their website projects. This ranged from simple updates like updating graphics or text, to more complex tasks such as coding new features or designing custom themes.

I usually spent much of the morning working on client requests before finally taking a short break around lunchtime. During this break I would review progress made so far and plan out what still needed to be done that day.

My typical workday is filled with plenty of designing activities – from drafting concepts to coding HTML to creating graphics for websites. It’s always such an amazing experience when clients give their approval on the designs after weeks of hard work!

In between working on client projects, I also take some time out to study new technologies that can help improve my craft. This includes exploring different design software packages, reading up on industry news, or attending seminars related to web design. There’s so much more than just writing code these days; staying updated is essential in this profession.

At the end of each day, it feels wonderful knowing that I was able create something meaningful out of nothing but ideas and imagination! That’s what makes being a freelance web designer so rewarding – seeing your creations come alive online gives you such a sense accomplishment and pride.

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