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Hire me to build your new WordPress based website or online store.


I am a freelance website designer Hire me to build WordPress based websites & online shops.

12 years experience

I am Michael Christopher and I have twelve years experience in freelance web development building websites. I work with clients in Dublin as well as nationally across the country. I am also a Shopify Partner and so if you need me to build you an online store I can do.

The advantage of going with me is that I have skill sets that a team would have. My skill sets are

  • WordPress Development
  • Front End Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Onpage Optimisation
  • Shopify Store Design
  • Magento Platform
  • WooCommerce Stores


I develop business websites for small to medium-sized companies in Dublin and outside. Freelance web designers are in high demand particularly if the skillset is there as this saves on the project cost.


Basically, I and the client have a chat over the phone to gauge the project scope.  This can involve a couple of phone calls to get the initial information gathering and goals clarified and agreed on. 

After this most of the communication is done via email. For site content, I set up a free DropBox account so that any site content, visuals and other information can be easily accessed by both myself and the client.

As the website evolves I send live previews and keeps the site on track for both sides. Keeping clients in the development loop is always good practice. 

Website build process timeline.

Here is a typical start to finish process on a WordPress website build. So for the stages to give an overview here is how it unfolds:

I have included some of my freelance work hereand recent store development work.


Questions Answers & Insights


I have put together some answers to often ask questions on freelance web development.

I have read several accounts on costs and to be honest, pricing does vary according to what article is being read. On top of this pricing, projects can be flexible depending on the client developer agreement.  Also, the cost of a website build really depends on the variables involved. Is the site going to be 5 pages or 20 pages, are there digital marketing requirements in the scope, will it be eCommerce based which generally means a higher fee. Pricing for a website can be 50% less than that being charged for by established agencies with large teams.

I am always amazed at this question because these days most work is done over the phone and by email. In fact, phone calls are the clearest way to communicate without the distractions of a meetup. There are very few times when I would need to meet face to face with a client, so geolocation is not an issue with freelance work. Obviously, I cover all the major cities Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

You would really want to allow 2-3 weeks for completion, there is always going to be the initial setting up and development work in the backend before content becomes fully available from the client.


I regularly wite and publish articles on many aspects digitally related – marketing, web design and e-commerce.

Trusted Partners/Clients

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