How To Engage An SEO Specialist

Hiring an SEO specialist and need to know what to expect in terms of the process, results and pricing? Here we tell you about the process, timeframe, activities and costs involved.

Step 1. Goals Required

When you first engage an SEO specialist, the first step taken is an evaluation of the required goals your company needs. Identifying the search terms and seo interventions you need in order to rank better for your topic. So by maximising on potential for a searched for topic a lot of things happen. We can explain about primary keywords, long tailed search phrases, voice and question based search terms and LSI keywords.   Voice and question based search terms are becoming more relevant for 2019 with the upward trend in voice search. We can talk with you on latent semantic indexing keywords and what this means for your digital marketing in Ireland. Over all in the first phase you get quality insights on the process, what the time frame is and what to expect in terms of the short and long term aspirations.

Step 2. SEO Pricing

SEO pricing is going to be either a fixed rate per month or week. Or a consultation based approach requiring fees per hour. Per month and per week work reflects the nature of the process. Over these time periods work is done on improving user experience, various onpage seo activities and creating better quality of content. The level of intervention is dependent on the amount your budget allows. A more active intervention is done on a weekly basis. We will always recommend a weekly strategy, as this means new and more frequent improvements in page quality, a signal not lost on the search engines and of course the end user. Ultimately the costs on providing good SEO reflects the work time in creating the best user experience possible on a given topic. Striving to deliver high value content in conjunction with other optimisation activities is what you pay for.

There are also SEO consultation services available, for a fee, if this is the route you need to go with. With this type of pricing you get insights on what steps you can take yourself to improve your site ranking. You will benefit from years of expertise in this area and condensed down to what works and what does not.

Step 3. Improving Page Quality

Steps that we take to improve page quality involve site speed, content creation, effective page titles and description, headlines, structured page content, quantity versus quality, linking, user engagement signals, ctr, bucket brigades, click magnets and a lot more. All designed to deliver the optimal user experience initially. Using data and feedback to refine and improve over a defined period of time.

Step 4. Timeframe

How long does it take for SEO to work? This is a normal question to ask and the answer is between 3 months and a year. It a depends on a number of factors in the first place, such as how competitive the industry is? How competitive is the looked for keyword? Other factors also apply something we will elaborate more on in this article soon. We would need to do an SEO analysis of your site pages and the competition in order to provide a more accurate timeframe on results. Other factors that are relevant include whether you are looking for to show up on top locally or if you need to target the whole of Ireland. Obviously the more broader the area targeted brings in more competition and so timeframes will naturally be longer. With this said we do provide fast and effective methodologies for bringing about the best results for ranking. Again as always ethical proper SEO with the end user and customer in mind always works best.

Step 5. Services

What SEO services get implemented? Listed here below are some the key areas we will work on to improve your sites UX user experience, ranking and listing in the SERPS.

  • Identify and implement changes to the website architecture.
  • Relevant internal and external linking factors.
  • Site speed improvements including compression and file optimisation.
  • Additional data driven analysis and reports.
  • Resolve immediate technical seo issues.
  • Tracking and user interaction reporting.
  • Implementation of the latest proven seo techniques.
  • User experience and conversion rate strategies.
  • SEO tools analysis including Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • Search engine algorithms comprehension and recommendations.
  • Onpage Optimisation, content structure and UI improvements.
  • Keyword Analysis, search phrases and LSI keywords.
  • Click through rates and SERP listing optimisation.
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