Ecommerce Website Design


You can trust us to develop your online store.


Hire us to get your website migrated over to another e-commerce platform. In addition, we can make the migration process smooth and hassle-free. Whether you need a clean style e-commerce website, a vintage look and feel or minimalist design. We can create for you with beautiful design and feature rich functionality. All the tools you need to drive sales and success online.

Design is integral to great user experience, however, if you want to create long term brand loyalty then design plays an even more pivotal role in gain brand recognition.


We can help existing e-commerce site owners to migrate their e-commerce site over to another platform. We take a step by step process, that involves getting the CSV file exported and then re-uploaded to the new site. Previously cached URLs, content and visuals we manually backup so you have the old site data stored in a folder, as a result, you can use as a reference resource for the new e-commerce site.

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Layout design on mobile and tablet showing products page

Shopify Custom Site Design


Having a unique store design that reflects your brand will gain a loyal following. It’s a fact that design sells.

Ekotree’s new Shopify website is a customised design, exactly in line with the project scope and how the client envisioned.

You get great visual layout, font & colour. All the design expertise to deliver you a compelling Shopify store.


We have built Magento websites and as a result, we have the experience to build your next Magento store. Magento offers a more a heavyweight solution and some clients prefer this platform over others. However for in-house management especially with the Open Source version a developer is needed on hand regularly, especially with new updates and security patches.

We developed the very successful Magento based site for The Claddagh Jewellers in Galway.

E-commerce design works on many levels, from the front end look and feel to how the design is set up to convert.


While the robustness may not be as good as Magento or Shopify, there advantages to using WordPress commerce, especially if you have an existing WordPress based website currently and wish to maintain this.

WordPress commerce offers a lightweight solution for selling online.



  • Ecommerce SEO, on-page optimisation and product optimisation.
  • Regular Google Analytic reports.
  • Advise on the best e-commerce website platform for your specific model.
  • Payment gateway integrations.
  • Brand look and feel with custom e-commerce design.
  • WordPress e-commerce and website design.

Hire us to work on your e-commerce website. In addition, we provide a number of e-commerce website design services.

Payment Gateways

We have worked with AIB Merchants in integrating 3rd party payment systems in Magento. Along with this, we can integrate both PayPal and Stripe into your online store. These are typically the most popular. With Shopify, the payment integration is seamless as they have their own payment setup.

We have worked with AIB Merchants in integrating 3rd party payment systems in Magento.

Payment integration