Brand Design

Showcase for Ekotree’s new Shopify store rebranded.



We custom designed Ekotree's new Shopify store. Clean lines, spacial balance and unique juxtapostioned grid based visuals.

Custom Website Design

Multiple page creation in addition to the shop development. Lookbook and home page grid based layout design. Central point pages called & Stuff and Lookbook hold brand visuals that link to stories, collections and individual products. These pages are a way to create attractive visuals while channeling the user to the buy sections.

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Light and balanced grids with white colour gutters and margins. Two sets of fours grid images link to specific products and collections. The responsive design was done on three display modes separately, tablet, desktop and mobile. Custom Shopify store design case study for Ekotree. Working off an existing theme we customised the home page layout. Juxtapositioned grid based images with typographic overlay.

“Firesky designed the website exactly as I had envisioned, on time and within budget. I am very happy with the result. We will continue to work together and I have already recommended them to other businesses.”


shopify product preview gallery
product view on mobile
toggle menu display ux design
Typography Layout & Colour Palette
Complete View Of The Home Page Design Customised For Desktop
Custom Shopify Design 1
Look Book Page Layout Designed For Tablet Portrait View
Shopify Designed Product Page Layout
Home Page Viewable Fold
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People buy into the brand message your store presents visually, ultimately increasing a loyal brand following online.


In conjunction with the vision you have for your store we can work with you to translate your goals into a visually compelling store design that will work for you time and again far into the future.


We can custom design unique page and post layouts according to what you are looking for. Plus avail of unique page layouts based on our experience of what works effectively in terms of design and conversion. Even the products pages can be custom designed giving your store an even more unique design.

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