Cloud hosting

How is cloud hosting different from traditional shared hosting?

Regular hosting or commonly known as shared hosting is typically provided by hosting providers in general. Host providers of this common type of hosting provide a cost-effective way to house a website’s files so that the website displays on the internet. 

So with shared hosting, the main goal is cost-effectiveness. This is achieved by grouping together hundreds of websites on a single shared server on the Internet.

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Why is shared hosting limited?

With shared hosting, websites are much slower compared to cloud based hosting. This is because a single server from a general hosting provider has to share resources between hundreds of websites invariably slowing down performance generally. When several websites on this single server have high usage periods this has a knock on affect for the other websites due to the reallocation of resources to facilitate this.

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How is Cloud hosting different?

Cloud-based hosting is a series of dedicated multiple servers hosting a website at the same time. This means considerably faster speeds, and scalability and ensures constant high performance for a website.

Once your website is in the cloud you benefit from the following:

  1. Website security cert and free integration.
  2. Performance optimisation and speed enhancements to your website.
  3. Continous managed cloud-based hosting.
  4. Additional performance-related plugins.
  5. Anti-bot and spam software.
  6. Website backup.
  7. Performance and speed results monitored.
  8. Independence of location which means users to your website in other countries get the same response times due to the fact the cloud servers are located in multiple countries.

Cloud based hosting is the only option for results in other countries. This is because the user in the USA will access your website from servers locally in the states. If to use traditional shared hosting users would have to wait while servers in Ireland return the website to the user which is a time delay. As well as this shared hosting has slower times due to the fact that other websites are hosted on the same server.

Cloud hosting of your website produces very fast speeds and this is a requirement for search engines. Search engines want to deliver the best result to the user’s voice search and part of this equation is about speed and loading time. Especially for mobile users speed on a mobile phone with limited bandwidth is critical. The bottom line is super fast websites support voice search which is now more than 50% of all search queries.

Cloud hosting is only accessed by our team as managing cloud hosting requires technical expertise. However, your website will always be accessible as before.

Faster website speeds ensures faster results for users and better usability. Website visitors get to experience fast page transition and loading times on their devices. It’s an essential aspect that search engines use to calculate the best results to show to a user once a search query is made.

It’s a fact that for every second a user has to wait for a website to load increases the bounce rate of that website. It’s one of the roles a search engine provides to their users. A search engines function is to provide the best results to the user for a given search. So apart from relevancy speed is a primary metric in a search engines equation in evaluating which websites to show in the top ten in search engine results page.

Another major benefit with cloud hosting is what is termed independence of location. This is particularly suited for websites that have a target audience in other countries not just Ireland.

Independence of location means a website is served to the user from a server in their location. As a result their is no latency for those users in other countries. Once cloud hosting has servers in those respective countries speeds and usability are maximised. This in turn has also benefits for search results in those respective countries.

On the other hand if this same user in another country accessed a website that is served from outside the location and on a shared hosting solution then the servers need to communicate to each other to relay the information to the user, causing latency and generally low performance.

We can take care of the migration | How it works.

Firesky will seamlessly migrate your WordPress website to our cloud hosting. As part of our cloud hosting services we can migrate your website into the cloud within a couple of hours and at no additional cost. Once your website migration process is completed we can then leverage all the power of the cloud to add new technologies on a regular basis to further optimise your website for performance.

Staying ahead of the competition and delivering a fast user experience brings benefits in multiple areas.