Why Cheap Website Hurt Your Business

Any one looking for a cheap website design is either budgetary constrainded or thinks a good deal is a prerequisite to being an astute business person. The problem with this ideaology is that the budding entrepreneur is looking for to get the best results he or she relate to. In the beginning this is usually about cost and saving at least initially. Because of the lack of knowledge and transparency in knowing what is needed and equating cost versus quality, the route of getting a cheap website seems the best course of action until more information is absorbed on what it takes to generate a successful online business.

The Illusion

Cheap website design is definitely going to hurt you in the near to long term. Yes you may have got a website design and site pages with your services, gallery and contact details etc. it looks ok, it does not have to be the best design, lets see what happens in Google. You should congratulate yourself, you have got a website and it cost you very little. You think to yourself I did not get ripped off, I am good at getting a good business deal, I am a good business person. With my skill for getting a good deal I am already halfway there. Watch out for Ireland’s best business person.

Sure look if it does no rank well, I have  saved on the cost of a website design. I am going to have it on my van and business cards, I might even take out an ad in the local paper to boost my presence and can include the website.