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Improvements in click through rates gain better results in the SERPs {search engine results pages}


What is the click-through rate? A click-through rate is how many times someone clicks on your site versus the number of impressions your site gets in Google search.

How to optimise your site for a higher CTR? A couple of things can be done. Firstly write the title in an engaging way and using power words. For example using the word now, fast, today or a number in the title has proven to get a higher CTR.

Adding rich cards on mobile listings is a way to get your listing to stand out. A rich card is a visual or image beside a listing and is more likely to be clicked on.

A high click through rate is a ranking signal in Google. With some not too complicated tweaks your site can increase the amount of clicks you get.

Optimising your title tag and meta description in the search results for higher CTR can be done in a number of effective ways that will send a strong signal to Google that this listing result is relevant.

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