A compelling description in the search results gets more clicks.

What is the click-through rate? A click-through rate is how many times someone clicks on your site versus the number of impressions your site gets in Google search. A couple of things can be done. Firstly write the title in an engaging way and using power words. For example using the word now, fast, today or a number in the title has proven to get a higher CTR. Adding rich cards on mobile listings is a way to get your listing to stand out. A rich card is a visual or image beside a listing and is more likely to be clicked on. Optimising your title tag and meta description in the search results for higher CTR can be done in a number of effective ways that will send a strong signal to Google that this listing result is relevant.

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Improvements in click through rates gain better results in the SERPs {search engine results pages}

Improve the click through rate by using the following:

  • Use of powerwords.
  • Use trigger words.

Read more here on trigger words for CTR.

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